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A comparative histological and histochemical study of the post-gastric alimentary canal from three species of pleuronectid, the atlantic halibut, the yellowtail ounder and the winter ounder.
Intestine is the next most important part of the fish alimentary canal after stomach and plays an important role in digestion and absorption of food materials as well as considered as a sensitive organ for toxicity assessment of xenobiotic substances in fish species as they are directly exposed to complex mixture of toxic substances via ingestion of contaminated food stuffs or indirectly via blood and/or lymph [31].
In addition, the worms' alimentary canals detoxify the materials they ingest, offering a truly clean, pathogen-free casting out their back ends.
2000), tended to have significant variation with trend, the exception in the latter case being the prokaryotic inclusions and the ciliates in the alimentary canal.
The alimentary canal is large and occupies more than 2/3 of the left side.
Alimentary canal, digestion, microbiome, phasmids, proventriculus, symbioses
It is the first stop along the alimentary canal, a prelude to the baser, gastric depths.
A specially constructed set will see visitors walk through a gigantic mouth to enter the event in Digbeth's Fazeley Street before making their way along an alimentary canal taking them, appropriately, to the Grand Union Canal.
The judge also observed: " The important aspect of this trial is the manner in which both rods and hands were used for damaging the alimentary canal and pulling it out from the body ( of the girl).
Alimentary Canal Duplication (ATD) is a rare developmental anomaly of the gut with reported incidence of 1 in 45001.
The digestive tract and the alimentary canal didn't sound like the most enticing subject matter, but Roach finds a way to navigate her topic in a manner akin to the Fantastic Voyage.
GULP: ADVENTURES ON THE ALIMENTARY CANAL belongs in any collection strong in health and culinary collections, and considers such basic questions as why we choose to enjoy the foods we do, and how different cultures exist on and pursue different kinds of foods.
Gulp explores the alimentary canal, moving like a bolus of food from mouth to stomach to lower gastrointestinal tract.