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[26.] Sarabhai DS (1940) The alimentary canal of Labeo rohita (Ham).
Histochemical analysis of glycoconjugate secretion in the alimentary canal of Anguilla anguilla L.
This experimental work proved for the first time that the alimentary canal of the red palm weevil larvae had antimicrobial activity.
2000), tended to have significant variation with trend, the exception in the latter case being the prokaryotic inclusions and the ciliates in the alimentary canal.
1), the dissection and study of internal characters revealed morphological differences that made the identification of the species straightforward, including the musculature pattern on the right side of the body, presence of projections on the peripharyngeal groove, presence of secondary papillae on the pharynx, and size and position of the alimentary canal (Table 1).
Diseases affecting the gastrointestinal tract, which include the organs from mouth to anus, along the alimentary canal, are the focus of this specialty.
This paper describes the digestive systems of several families of Phasmatodea (Timematidae, Heteropterygidae, Diapheromeridae, Pseudophasmatidae, and Phasmatidae) plus the gut microbiome of these and one other (Phylliidae) to both verify past findings and provide a general description of the Phasmatodea alimentary canal. The constrictions imposed by this anatomy on phasmid gut microbiology, its connections to recently released Phasmatodea transcriptomes, and how it differs from the anatomy of related orders in the Polyneoptera are discussed.
Yes, we all know that the final product of the alimentary canal is sh**, but medical literature generally opts for more refined terminology.
The lining of the alimentary canal secretes, at specific sites, digestive enzymes, hydrochloric acid, mucin, and antibodies.
Fat soluble combinations or sulfides in garlic move down the alimentary canal cleansing and eliminating toxins.
A specially constructed set will see visitors walk through a gigantic mouth to enter the event in Digbeth's Fazeley Street before making their way along an alimentary canal taking them, appropriately, to the Grand Union Canal.
The judge also observed: " The important aspect of this trial is the manner in which both rods and hands were used for damaging the alimentary canal and pulling it out from the body ( of the girl).
Alimentary Canal Duplication (ATD) is a rare developmental anomaly of the gut with reported incidence of 1 in 45001.