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Synonyms for alimentary

of or relating to food or nutrition

providing nourishment

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Synonyms for alimentary

of or providing nourishment

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European agricultural and alimentary sector is one of the most important industrial branches for EU economy.
Arthur Huntingdon's alcoholism in The Tenant of Wildfell Hall becomes a desperate form of resistance to "the alimentary ideologies of the middle class" represented by antidrinking movements, a resistance in which "the upper-class gentleman of leisure finds himself continually compelled to write and rewrite his class difference on his body through alimentary excess" (14).
RESULTS AND DISCUSSION--Contents of alimentary canals were assessed among 2002 cohort fish (n = 88) and 2005 cohort fish (n = 95) for a total of 183 fish.
Biotechnological model for controlled cultivation and integrated processing of mushrooms in a modular robotic system for obtaining ecological products in alimentary security and safety conditions, Contact Nr.
The highest number of side effects was in survivors with hematologic, head and neck, lung, alimentary, gynecologic, and breast cancers.
He and his colleagues assessed side effects in 596 cancer survivors treated with chemotherapy and/or radiation for various malignancies (hematologic, head and neck, lung, alimentary, genitourinary, gynecologic, and breast).
Arranged by the Network of European Alimentary Culture (NEAC) the five-day visit will include an opening ceremony in Beaumaris where head of the European Commission Office in Wales Andy Klom will officially welcome the young visitors.
Even as Larner takes advantage of the material's unheralded toughness, fissures in the sculptures imply a more expected fragility, sometimes also revealing inky black interiors that connect the "Smile" series to Diamond Deserts and--by hinting at the alimentary void behind the mouth--to the body.
In addition to the tour presentations will be given by Professor Gerard Fitzgerald, Director of the National Food Biotechnology Centre, Professor Fergus Shanahan, Director of the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre both .
Fusarium infection can cause illnesses from esophageal cancer to alimentary toxic aleukia, and the aflatoxins produced by Aspergillus can cause cancer and damage the brain, liver, and kidneys.
Inventories will be created to preserve native plant species, including trees currently used to provide shade for coffee plants, ornamental plants, and alimentary plants.
The Icelandic supermarket chain Hagkaup has reportedly lowered the prices of its alimentary products by an average of 8% as of yesterday (18 April).
* George Bush's alimentary struggle with a pretzel provoked heavy-duty punditry abroad, according to the Los Angeles Times.
The eight were treated with a regimen involving the liver drug interferon and the anticancer agent 5-fluorouracil, according to group leader Morito Monden, a professor on alimentary canal surgery at Osaka University.
ABSTRACT: The ontogenesis of body mass, the skeleton, organs of the alimentary tract, and the endocrine system of moose (Alces alces), cattle, sheep, and goats were studied in the Ivanovo region using morphological and ontogenetic methods.