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Synonyms for alikeness

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Synonyms for alikeness

similarity in appearance or character or nature between persons or things

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We kept the support value as 0.05, 0.01 and 0.15 and we considered frequent patterns over that value for images that are the same (after link information and fast detection of images of possible alikeness).
Walter Benjamin addressed this issue in his essay "The Task of the Translator" when he wrote: "If the kinship of languages manifests itself in translations, this is not accomplished through a vague alikeness between adaptation and original.
Positioning alternatives oscillate between the poles of exoticism versus alikeness. The exotic aura of Turkey stemming in part from the mysterious Arabic/ Middle Eastern associations contributes somewhat positively to tourism and, to a certain extent, its export products-driven image.
After a jury had grouped outcome items into groups of alikeness, the panel of experts was asked to rank in the relative importance of the groups.
In presenting translation as an act of artistic reproduction, Benjamin has frequent recourse to metaphors of natural reproduction; a translation is created with "birth pangs" and exhibits "kinship" but not necessarily "alikeness" to the original (1968c, 73).
In his later years, Kohut brought forth a third developmental line, the twinship or alter ego selfobject, which renders itself available to the individual "to experience the presence of essential alikeness," that is, of thinking alike or sharing a similar worldview.
I still don't know whether alikeness of Manchester United's current bete no ire eventually got selected for target practise,but the surreal nature of the conversation helped soothe my fluttery prederby nerves.
In doing this, she communicates her alikeness to other members by confessing to the group that she, too, is an alcoholic and bas suffered the same alcoholic-related experiences reported by others in the group.
(7) There he argues that likeness consists in the "sharing of one form," so two persons alike "are in some way one in that form," just as two human beings "are one in their belonging to the human species." He then goes on to say that, in this manner, "the love of one goes to the other as toward himself, and wills him good as he wills to himself." (8) From this it follows that the union which is sought after in love of friendship consists in having certain alikeness (that is, sharing in one form or uniformity).
That truth Thomas Hobbes, an English political theorist, recognized in the 17th Century when he argued in the Leviathan that beneath trivial differences we do all want the same things, but we cannot admit this alikeness to ourselves because it belittles us in our own eyes, so we cling to the mistaken belief we are different as individuals, as groups, as classes, as religions, as nations.