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Synonyms for aligning

causing to fall into line or into position


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Second, the influence of tire design parameters on tire aligning torque was studied through F&M finite element (FE) analysis and measurement.
Through these changes, commands could solve a number of the issues they face, including aligning in terms of competencies, sizing the organization correctly, identifying the core business areas, reducing costs, and providing metrics for defining the workforce.
Another influencing factor is that the discussion that concerned aligning tasks to the algebra standard occurred during the first workshop, which was prior to the first submission.
Business Alignment: Aligning business priorities with your TEM technology solution, processes and people resources.
now report growing the longest individual carbon nanotubes ever and aligning them in a two-dimensional grid.
Tackle Techniques: The simplicity of our design is enhanced by our "count to four" method of aligning our DTs.
SuccessFactors' Industry-leading, On-Demand Performance and Talent Management Technology Combined with the World Renowned Balanced Scorecard Methodology for Aligning and Executing Human Capital Strategies and Driving Performance Provides an Unbeatable Combination
By aligning the industry leading wire bonding capillaries of SPT with X-Wire(TM) Technology, end customers are better positioned to take full advantage of the manufacturing and package design capabilities inherent in the use of insulated bonding wires.
NYSE:TMO) announced a merger this morning, aligning two of the biggest players and creating quite a behemoth in the lab instrument space.
These companies depend on ePartners' 200+-person consulting organization for help aligning business and IT strategies, improving business processes and deploying and supporting solutions that accelerate business results.
Companies of all sizes and across multiple industries are discovering the value of aligning learning with business objectives," said Bobby Yazdani, Saba Chairman and CEO.
The research group Gatti Evaluation and publisher Pearson Scott Foresman today announced findings of an independent study aligning the Reading Street elementary school reading program benchmark assessments to state standards.