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Synonyms for aligning

causing to fall into line or into position


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Through these changes, commands could solve a number of the issues they face, including aligning in terms of competencies, sizing the organization correctly, identifying the core business areas, reducing costs, and providing metrics for defining the workforce.
Another influencing factor is that the discussion that concerned aligning tasks to the algebra standard occurred during the first workshop, which was prior to the first submission.
"Display manufacturers told us that the single most important thing that science could do to improve their business was to invent a non-contact method for aligning liquid crystals.
This front resembles a 5-3, with the weak DT aligning in a zero technique over the OC and playing a strong A-gap.
The challenge is for a new generation of leaders to take personal responsibility for aligning American industry behind the vision of continuous quality improvement.
In studying these cases, we learn that the three non-optional elements of quality leadership are: establishing a vision, aligning people in support of the vision and creating an atmosphere of empowerment.
Jie Liu and his colleagues at Duke University in Durham, N.C., now report growing the longest individual carbon nanotubes ever and aligning them in a two-dimensional grid.
Tackle Techniques: The simplicity of our design is enhanced by our "count to four" method of aligning our DTs.