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Antonyms for aligned

brought into agreement or cooperation on the side of a faction, party, or cause


in a straight line

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- Aligned Cloud Access Secure, private and cost- effective hosted or dedicated direct connectivity to leading CSPs.
Prior to joining Aligned Telehealth, Hiteshi was the chief operating officer at Agilon Health, Inc., which was formed under her leadership when Clayton Dubilier & Rice (CD&R) grew through various mergers and acquisitions with Primary Provider Management company, Inc.
But if this was the last thing I ever got to say to you, I would hope you would remember me as someone who aligned his values with his customs and culture wherever that may be.
In addition to demonstrating the councils' own use of innovation, both involve Aligned Assets' business database, which is widely considered to be the most detailed and accurate one currently available.
The various competencies would have to be defined, and employees aligned within these competencies.
The worksurface height of the Align bench can be quickly and easily aligned for different tasks or operator preference.
For example, if the ball is in the middle of the field and the #1 wide receiver is aligned on or past the numbers, the C to that side must align 1-2 yards inside the receiver and 7 yards deep.
Because there are so many aligned nuclei, even Earth's magnetic field can elicit detectable radio signals.
In nature, there's an elementary law called the "power of parallel." This law dictates that when efforts and activities are aligned in parallel, they are more powerful and effective than those that are divergent or conflicting.
The propensity to take risk may not be aligned within various corporate constituents because of misalignment of incentives.
"Increasingly, it seems to me," said Carter, "people are inclined to align themselves uniquely with God, and then to begin a process of deciding, 'Since I am aligned with God, I am superior and my beliefs should prevail.
Among the challenges facing CEOs and other leaders are fostering individual thinking and innovative actions, while simultaneously ensuring that mindsets and behaviours are aligned.
The teachers will be able to create assessment tasks that are clearly aligned with the algebra standard.