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brought into agreement or cooperation on the side of a faction, party, or cause


in a straight line

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In addition to demonstrating the councils' own use of innovation, both involve Aligned Assets' business database, which is widely considered to be the most detailed and accurate one currently available.
By creating parallel interests with all customer groups, the individual interests of many are powerfully aligned with the welfare of the whole.
This is an opportunity for both the company and the tax director to move toward an improved tax department of the future that is closely aligned with the goals and business strategies of the company.
Increasingly, it seems to me," said Carter, "people are inclined to align themselves uniquely with God, and then to begin a process of deciding, 'Since I am aligned with God, I am superior and my beliefs should prevail.
Among the challenges facing CEOs and other leaders are fostering individual thinking and innovative actions, while simultaneously ensuring that mindsets and behaviours are aligned.
The teachers will be able to create assessment tasks that are clearly aligned with the algebra standard.
The district also implemented Compass Learning software, aligned it with the district's curriculum in all grades and content areas, and reinforced such topics as butterflies, for example, using technology.
Measurements in the aligned state reveal that the bilayer sheets are not homogeneous but have defects, probably due to perforations lined with the short chain detergent molecules.
My recent study indicates that most of the fibers are rolled into strand-like aggregates, most of which are aligned approximately in the same direction.
When properly aligned, the molecules inside an LCD turn pixels on and off by twisting and rotating in response to electronic signals sent by the computer processor.
com)-- Wiltshire and Dorset Fire and Rescue Services have both decided to procure the Symphony Bluelight Suite of gazetteer management software from industry leader Aligned Assets.
Each image contained a pair of faces and a pair of houses, with one pair aligned vertically and the other horizontally.