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Synonyms for alight

Synonyms for alight

to come to rest on the ground

alight on: to find or meet by chance

Synonyms for alight

to come to rest, settle


Related Words

come down

lighted up by or as by fire or flame

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Over her refusal he doused her with petrol and set her on alight before fleeing the scene.
The incident comes after a police car was set alight at Queensway on the same estate on Friday morning.
15am on Monday, September 7, police received a report that someone had again attempted to set alight to the interior of the same car parked on Beechcroft.
The clashes led to the death of at least 23 protesters, two public buses being set alight, an explosion on the main gas line in 10th of Ramadan City, and the explosion of four IEDs in the cities of Quesna and Shebin Kom.
Another incident was reported of a garden chair being set alight in a garden in Poplar Street.
Sean was with friends in the smoking area outside the club when his costume was set alight, a court heard yesterday.
15pm at Moordale Court, on Fabian Road, a flammable liquid was poured over a Citroen Picasso before it was set alight.
But after failing to slit his wrists or hang himself, he poured petrol in his family's Cateswell Road home in Tyseley and set it alight.
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I had noticed the large number of people who alight at Queen Square, but perhaps they prefer to shop around Church Street?
The prisoners at HMP Ford near Arundel, began smashing windows, activating fire alarms before setting the building alight at about midnight
40pm on Friday and arrived to find the living room alight.
Athene and Peter Hall's eight-berth trailer tent was set alight after their wheeled bin was ignited during a spate of attacks.
It is suspected the fire spread after a sofa outside the building was set alight.
My husband parked in a disabled bay when this people carrier pulled over close alongside, making it impossible for me to alight.