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having or resembling wings

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Parenchyma is reported to be vasicentric, aliform to confluent, and aliform of the lozenge type in these species (Melandri & Espinoza de Pernia 2009).
Pores solitary, scalariform Humiriastrum guianensis perforation plates, axial parenchyma vasicentric, lozange-aliform, winged- aliform and confluent and traumatic canals 13b.
Adult tubiculous chaetopterids feed by filtering through mucous bags manipulated by the aliform notopodia and cilia of the middorsal food groove (MacGinitie, 1939), and chaetopterid larvae are known to produce mucus (Nozais et al.
Nicol (1952) also found that photogenic glands on the aliform notopodia give off a luminescent secretion suspended in mucus that is dispersed in the surrounding water.
Axial parenchyma vasicentric, aliform to confluent, aliform parenchyma of the lozenge type.
The identity of the posterior mesotroch with the aliform notopodia of setiger B1 can be inferred from Hox gene expression patterns (Irvine, 1998; Irvine and Martindale, 1999b).
Aliform and confluent containing many starch grains in the periphery that are substituted by black and turquoise polyphenol deposits toward the centre.
Parenchyma is unilateral paratracheal, with aliform to confluent patterns.