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It is both the courage to be judged, as Ames is by the alienness of Lila, and the courage to inhabit, as Lila does, a speech and a style of living that you know to be provisional to the point of near-absurdity because it does in spite of everything make space for absolution.
8) Just as there were reasons to battle constructions of "alienness" that cast the loyalty and civic fitness of Jewish immigrants (and, by extension, of American Jews) into doubt, so were there clear incentives for keeping quiet about racialized constructions of illegal alienness that spared them.
Folk everywhere will probably sympathize, in Coney Island as in Capetown, but Schreuders makes this cosmetic gaffe the sign for something more troubling: the alienness of white-skinned people in the land beneath the African sun.
At first glance, the viewer is struck by the sheer alienness of, say, racing Madagascar cockroaches in the middle of a mall.
66) Even if some of these elements may either be the products of the portrait's aging, or of later retouchings, those phenomena would not account for the fundamental alienness of the face in the painting common to the perceptions of its historical and contemporary viewers.
The knowledge of the end of the communist rule in central eastern Europe in 1989 makes it possible for Istvan Rev to trace historical parallels and reiterations, as well as experience the communist era as "history," meaning not so much the time distance between the communist era and the contemporary subject, but rather the sense of alienness and distance that European communism invokes today.
Although this painting demonstrates his connection with and sympathy for the Colony the seeming listlessness of the four girls in their murky deep and indefinable space perhaps represents the sense of displacement, wonder and alienness experienced by many of Sargent's compatriots living in Paris.
This could diminish the ability to deal calmly with alienness.
This approximation underscores the alienness of the concept in the Indian context.
Our alienation and our discouragement emerge because we self-consciously let the world we explore and study reveal itself as a continuous flow of novelty, of alienness.
That view of Santamaria's alienness has been compounded by his opponents' emphasis on other ostensibly foreign traits: Santamaria's Italian ancestry, his reliance on secrecy, his links to the Vatican, his affinities with European Christian Democrats, and--in Dr Evatt's notorious phrase--his use of "methods which strikingly resemble both Communist and Fascist infiltration of larger groups.
Moreover, they minimized the tendency to convert Marxism into a dogma that would only serve to underscore its alienness (pp.
The temple shines with the hard glare of burnished steel, and the cold 'northren lyght' comes only through the door with its long narrow entrance-way like the entrance to a pyramidal catacomb (the windowlessness of the building is an observation of the narrator, added by Chaucer, a vivid moment of shock at the alienness of the place).
Oedipus fails to confront the alienness of his very self,
While on the one hand this novel details the uniqueness and exotic alienness of a specific place, on the other the educated urban recorder draws out the implications for Chinese society and culture in general.