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a psychiatrist and specialist in the legal aspects of mental illness

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Take the instance of an alienist, your honor, when he is put on the stand.
In Caleb Carr's The Alienist (1994), (40) which mentions the most deaths, many of the dead are parallel cases that the detectives study for clues.
Royce-Collard is an alienist (a primitive precursor of psychiatry) who advocates extreme, painful therapies for the mentally ill.
With the appointment of a professional alienist (psychiatrist) at the state level, who actively pushed for programmatic aftercare in state institutions, social services were inaugurated at Chicago State Hospital in 1918 (Jaffary, 1942; Singer, 1919b).
The Alienist by Caleb Carr; A brutal killer is on the loose in the 19th century and after all usual attempts to capture him fail, the police are forced to take on the service of the alienist.
Caleb Carr is the author of the best-selling historical novels The Alienist (published in 1994, currently being produced as a motion picture by Scott Rudin) and "The Angel of Darkness" (published in 1997).
The alienist found the same "ideas," "errors," and "passions," in the insane, intensified only "because man displays himself in all his nakedness; dissimulating not his thoughts, nor concealing his defects" (p.
Author and military historian Caleb Carr has written 11 works of fiction and nonfiction, including the best-selling crime novel The Alienist (1994) and a murder mystery featuring Sherlock Holmes, The Italian Secretary (2005).
Incest is much more frequent among men than women," wrote the alienist Charles Fere in 1899.
The role of the alienist (an early form of psychiatrist) at all stages in the progression of the disease is stressed.
On the monogenist side were the ex-physician to the viceroy of Egypt and ally of Quatrefages, Franz Pruner-Bey, the former Martinique physician Etienne Rufz de Lavison, and the alienist Louis-Jean Delasiauve.
Carr is a historian and historical novelist whose first novel, The Alienist, introduced readers to Dr.
Blanche, the famous alienist, and he looked after her.
In addition, Caleb Carr, author of The Alienist, has been hired for a production rewrite of the script.
Screenwriter Carr is the author of the best-selling historical novels "The Alienist," published in 1994, and "The Angel of Darkness," published in 1997.