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Synonyms for alienism

an obsolete term for the study and treatment of mental illness

the quality of being alien

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London, August 22 (ANI): A new research from Collins Dictionary has indicated that words like aerodrome, charabanc, wittol, drysalter, alienism and many others are no longer used by people.
(1.) Griffith argues that the doctor [in Heart of Darkness] "is a composite of many of the scientific interests of his day: craniology, incipient alienism, phrenology, and physical anthropology.
She then follows the development of alienism or psychiatry as a profession through France, Germany, and eventually the United States up through the twentieth century.
She suggests, however, that identifying Jews with a uniquely rootless cosmopolitanism is also a form of anti-Semitism, though Theophrastus recognizes its application to certain Jews: 'Their monetary hold on governments is tending to perpetuate in leading Jews a spirit of universal alienism (euphemistically called cosmopolitanism), even where the West has given them a full share in civil and political rights'(p.
Recently, Ekbert Faas has explored the dramatic monologue's relationship to the movements that would eventually be called psychiatry and psychology: alienism, mesmerism, and mental science.