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Synonyms for alienism

an obsolete term for the study and treatment of mental illness

the quality of being alien

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She suggests, however, that identifying Jews with a uniquely rootless cosmopolitanism is also a form of anti-Semitism, though Theophrastus recognizes its application to certain Jews: 'Their monetary hold on governments is tending to perpetuate in leading Jews a spirit of universal alienism (euphemistically called cosmopolitanism), even where the West has given them a full share in civil and political rights'(p.
Recently, Ekbert Faas has explored the dramatic monologue's relationship to the movements that would eventually be called psychiatry and psychology: alienism, mesmerism, and mental science.
Alienism (the original name for psychiatry) and neurology developed by the 1830s and 1860s respectively as the direct result of the fragmentation of the old grand Cullean category of 'Neurosis', and of the broadening of the notion of 'lesion' which by the end of the century indistinctly referred to failures and solutions of continuity in putative 'structural', 'physiological' or 'psychological' domains.
There she dismisses an ideal of "common humanity" as hopelessly elitist "cosmopolitanism" or "universal alienism.
This sensation occurs yet again when James has some trouble asking an Armenian immigrant for directions, and he explains the chill as stemming from the feeling that "there is no claim to brotherhood with aliens in the first grossness of their alienism.