alienation of affection

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a tort based on willful and malicious interference with the marriage relation by a third party without justification or excuse

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In contrast, if this same state passed a law that prohibited anyone from advocating abolition of this state's alienation of affection law, I do think that allegiance to this state's legal system would, and should, be diminished (24) for those barred from expressing their views on this matter.
Having not taken a poll on the issue, my assertion that, as a descriptive matter, a judgment for alienation of affection would undermine the legitimacy of the legal system, if at all, far less than a prohibition of advocacy a particular viewpoint on a matter of public concern, is, admittedly, based on little more than a hunch.
Last month's Missouri Supreme Court opinion abolishing the tort of alienation of affection was a good example of the difference between Democrat and Republican judges.
Add the pressures of diminished circumstances, misguided but genuine homesickness and the gnawing anguish of not knowing what's happening to loved ones in Europe, and alienation of affection becomes well nigh inevitable.
Although some courts have been clarifying a spouse's right to bring various tort claims, including alienation of affection and property-related offenses, the types of cases actually filed may be limited.
After Collopy sued Spencer for the alienation of affection and public humiliation the Earl hit back with his invasion of privacy accusation against Collopy.
to sue the city for $20 million for alienation of affection, plus an additional $50 million for all the pain and suffering his client's been put through.
These lawsuits involve claims for alienation of affection and criminal conversation.
Based in Raleigh, the firm's attorneys have a combined 120-plus years of experience advocating for clients in matters of divorce, child custody, property division, separation, postseparation support, alimony, alienation of affection and other family law matters.
Awards have been held to be excludible in actions based on emotional distress, injury to reputation, sex, age or race discrimination, wrongful termination, alienation of affections and wrongful death.
16) Nonphysical injuries to which the exclusion has been applied to shelter damages from taxation include alienation of affections (Rev.
We are thrilled to see Stephanie achieve this important, distinguished plateau in her career -- and in a particularly stellar year, in which she also won a record-setting $30 million verdict in an alienation of affections lawsuit, the largest such award in North Carolina history.
The South Dakota Supreme Court held in February that public policy does not require abolition of the tort of alienation of affections.