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causing hostility or loss of friendliness

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Our gentleman protagonist, alienatingly censorious and moralistic, is metaphorically and literally unseeing, missing what exists literally almost under his nose.
and outre content, though those without a taste for black comedy may find it all too alienatingly schematic.
A properly righteous indignation here swells swiftly into an alienatingly pompous self-importance, established by the obsessive reiteration of personal pronoun and self-reference: my garden, my grounds, my walls, me the owner, brave me: a landed-gentlemanly arrogance that perfectly fulfills Cade's shrewdly sarcastic "here's the lord of the soil" (22).
The most contrived bits-like asking women "If your vagina got dressed, what would it wear?" -strike me as alienatingly hokey.
If these are a self-effacing narrator's own intimate recollections, why are they narrated with a modality of voice that is so alienatingly formal, and with an authority and peremptoriness apparently quite uncharacteristic of the protagonist himself?