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causing hostility or loss of friendliness

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and outre content, though those without a taste for black comedy may find it all too alienatingly schematic.
A properly righteous indignation here swells swiftly into an alienatingly pompous self-importance, established by the obsessive reiteration of personal pronoun and self-reference: my garden, my grounds, my walls, me the owner, brave me: a landed-gentlemanly arrogance that perfectly fulfills Cade's shrewdly sarcastic "here's the lord of the soil" (22).
They employ the most outlandish devices and poker-faced attitudes to police the variety of visitors from outer space who find our world - and, alienatingly, New York in particular - a nice place to visit.
If these are a self-effacing narrator's own intimate recollections, why are they narrated with a modality of voice that is so alienatingly formal, and with an authority and peremptoriness apparently quite uncharacteristic of the protagonist himself?
I'm not sure whether the production is designed to be flashback or alienatingly Brechtian, but it certainly works, and Dessay, vulnerable, manipulated, witty, and above all lonely, plays poignantly to the camera - and that's before we start with her scintillating singing, the voice transforming itself brilliantly throughout these three heartbreaking acts.