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causing hostility or loss of friendliness

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The result is that immediate annuities and traditional fixed annuities will also be pulled into the B-D which had better be ready to properly handle that business or risk alienating its reps.
In Mom's Survival Guide To Instant Messaging, parents are provided with clear explanations of what Instant Messaging is; a humorous guide to Instant Messaging's unique slang; "war stories" from Moms sharing situations they've faced in a wired world; practical tips about regulating and monitoring children's use of Instant Messages--and obtaining children's cooperation without alienating them.
Nor was he about to be inhibited by the fear of alienating other countries.
And by alienating so many, so needlessly, they fatally undermine the focus and moral standing of the gay cause in the broader world.
Singleton, the critically respected director of ``Boyz N the Hood'' and ``Rosewood,'' plans to put his own stamp on the ``Furious'' franchise without alienating fans of the original.
On the other hand, Nazi agricultural policy had variable effects on popular attitudes, alienating those who were hit by the establishment of compulsory peasant entails for certain farms, but offering chances of social mobility to those members of the rural lower classes who were able to seek new opportunities in industry.
The show's elements--both in its material and its performance--are perfectly fused into a single entity: the absolute, distilled magic of Fosse, with all that odd, alienating and alienated difference that made him a cut apart, and in many ways a cut above, his Broadway contemporaries.
this paradigm is also profoundly alienating anti desensitizing leading to social, psychological, urban anti ecological breakdown.
The alienating parent in these circumstances is acting inappropriately as a gatekeeper for the child to see the absent parent.
The alienating studio of the previous generation bad been replaced by the alienating factory, hissing and puffing, against the glittering glamour of the front office.
What he argues, essentially, is that the New South (the fast-growing cities, the research centers, the prosperous university towns) is alienating and somehow evil, while the Old South, the poor and rural South, offers faith, community, and significance.
Instead, management is alienating flight attendants by trying to bust the union the flight attendants legally elected.
Isn't he concerned about alienating Los Angeles Lakers fans by ignoring the two-time defending champs?