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causing hostility or loss of friendliness

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Manager Ken Hastie, of the Wansbeck Business Forum, said: "The Morpeth group would probably get a lot more sympathy if they pushed for a reduction in car park charges in their area, rather than alienating other retail areas by pushing for introduction of charges." Earlier this week a public meeting in Ashington came out strongly against ending free parking.
The Chief Prosecutor's Office accused Yildiz for allegedly alienating people from military service in his speech during an illegal demonstration in Batman at the weekend.
And I don't think we should be concerned about alienating Venezuela, Iran and Cuba as was suggested.
London, June 10 (ANI): Emily Blunt has revealed that she and her Sunshine Cleaning co-star Amy Adams bonded so well that they ended up alienating the cast during the filming.
It detailed warning signs of behaviours exhibited by the child, the alienating parent, and the rejected parent.
Summary: Head of the Lebanese Option Group (LOG) Ahmad al-Assad launched an attack against Hizbullah on Saturday saying the party "monopolized the decision-making of the Shiites in Lebanon." Speaking during a rally to mark Ashura in his hometown of Srifa, Assad said that Hizbullah was "alienating all other Lebanese Shiite voices and currents."
ALAN Murray (Police alienate people they need help from, Voice Of The North, November 23) believes the police are wasting their time, and alienating the public, by focusing on speeding motorists instead of catching "'real criminals".
In that time their indestructible idealism, tucked inside their signature folk-pop, has rejuvenated progressive, gay, and female audiophiles seeking refuge from a socially and politically alienating culture.
Scott Carey had been a handsome, comfortable American six-footer with a loving wife and a doting baby daughter when accidental radiation exposure created a freak irreversible metabolic reaction that causes him to shrink a seventh of an inch every day until he disappears altogether This taut, intense novel opens when he is only an inch tall and recounts in excruciating detail his relentless struggle for survival in an alienating, menacing and increasingly meaningless world.
Gardner observed, in the conduct of numerous custody evaluations of children, that divorcing families shared common characteristics which he designated parental alienation syndrome, (1) in which one parent, an alienating parent, alienates the child or children from a targeted parent.
Iarovici's unique writing style is enigmatic and tenacious, giving the reader a vivid and enrapturing concept of the enrapturing stories sure to engage them, making American Dreaming a very highly recommended read, perfect for the general fiction reader, particularly those with an interest in the alienating culture of modern America.
"We might become the thing we hate--killing the innocent, alienating people of good will, imposing our will wrongly on other nations."
"Being a know-it-all invariably leads to quickly alienating your colleagues and employees," the authors noted.
Chapters describe the costs of alienating kids from nature--and also provide solutions which are as close as one's back yard.
This robbed architecture of symbolism and depth and resulted in object buildings alienated from context and alienating to many people.