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causing hostility or loss of friendliness

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The Chief Prosecutor's Office accused Yildiz for allegedly alienating people from military service in his speech during an illegal demonstration in Batman at the weekend.
Where there are court orders and children become aware that the orders are not being obeyed by the alienating parent, these children can learn that it is acceptable not to obey court orders.
Now, however, it's simply described as alienating behavior, experts say.
Gardner observed, in the conduct of numerous custody evaluations of children, that divorcing families shared common characteristics which he designated parental alienation syndrome, (1) in which one parent, an alienating parent, alienates the child or children from a targeted parent.
Iarovici's unique writing style is enigmatic and tenacious, giving the reader a vivid and enrapturing concept of the enrapturing stories sure to engage them, making American Dreaming a very highly recommended read, perfect for the general fiction reader, particularly those with an interest in the alienating culture of modern America.
We might become the thing we hate--killing the innocent, alienating people of good will, imposing our will wrongly on other nations.
Being a know-it-all invariably leads to quickly alienating your colleagues and employees," the authors noted.
This robbed architecture of symbolism and depth and resulted in object buildings alienated from context and alienating to many people.
Chapters describe the costs of alienating kids from nature--and also provide solutions which are as close as one's back yard.
SciVisum, a website testing specialist, has revealed that as many as one in ten websites fail to provide access to non-Internet Explorer browsers such as Firefox and risk alienating customers and suffering revenue losses as a consequence.
From the collection of experiences shared from the hearts of sistahs who are doin' it for themselves, the reader will gain strength to use her resources and thoughts to forge ahead: from understanding how to ask for a raise (and preparing for possible objections), to celebrating our rich heritage in the workplace without alienating ourselves or others, to creating and becoming our own brand that will market our strengths and skills to the world is explained through an honest conversational style text.
Zappa would do something similar with his entire discography, releasing highly personal records that harked back to the doo-wop he loved in the '50s, say, and then offering up elaborate symphonic efforts, or jazz-infused sets that mostly had the effect of alienating whatever remained of his audience.
But overall, the presentation lacks sophistication and perpetuates the notion of environmentalism as a fringe subculture, while alienating the mainstream.
Do you really think I would risk alienating my family if I could change my core self?
Ultimately, however, GUM's efforts to build communism through consumerism were unsuccessful and only succeeded in alienating consumers from state stores and instituting a culture of complaint and entitlement.