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Synonyms for alienated

socially disoriented

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caused to be unloved


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A buffer zone of 200 metres between the areas alienated to the oil palm company and the national park has also been fixed by the state government, he added.
In political science's terminology they are classified into Alienated Citizenry; the other two being Participant and Parochial.
He held that the company, Lima Limited, un-procedurally obtained titles to the land that had been alienated as public land.
Royal biographer Claudia Joseph recently told ( Sky News that Thomas is being alienated from the royal family, and he should have been warned about the press in the days leading up to the royal engagement.
Summary: New Delhi [India] Jan 3 (ANI): As the debate over President's Rule in Jammu and Kashmir resumed in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley launched a broadside on the Congress, accusing the party of leaving the Valley alienated with their past "mistakes" which were "hurting" Kashmir.
It is very important for the economic stability of the country that the province of Balochistan is on the same page and the people no longer feel alienated and marginalised by the system at large.
IANS Agartala National Commission for Scheduled Tribes (NCST) Chairman Nand Kumar Sai on Monday asked various state governments to restore alienated tribal lands to their tribal owners.
by PTI People were feeling "completely depressed" and "alienated" this festive season, reflecting the economic situation following demonetisation and Goods and Services Tax(GST), Rajya Sabha MP Sharad Yadav said on Wednesday.
So Shami Chakrabarti tries to ingratiate herself with alienated and angry Jewish Labour members...
But getting to the top of his game has put him at odds with his grumpy father (Red West) and alienated him from his wife (Kim Dickens) and sons, including Efron - in decent form - who wants to abandon the family business and strike out on his own as a Nascar racer.
Davao City - The threat of radicalization lingers in most parts of Mindanao largely due to the some sectors who continue to feel alienated and neglected.
If teens read the first novel in the series, Alienated (Hyperion, 2012/VOYA February 2014), they will enjoy continuing the relationship between Cara and Aelyx, as well as Earth and Leihr.
Of course their payments are outrageous and obscene, but if you follow Nick Owen's argument through, he must ask himself why viewers were not alienated by Bruce Forsyth, who was originally paid a PS900,000 fee to front Strictly Come Dancing until his salary was chopped to a reported PS400,000 before his retirement.
Summary: Christians in Lebanon and the Middle East are not alienated communities, the Preparatory Committee for the Christians of the Levant Convention said Monday.