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the quality of being alien

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The Secretary of State for War declared in 1916 that a dual citizen of neutral nationality would not be called up during his minority if he intended to adopt the alien nationality exclusively, and that after reaching age twenty-one such a man could avoid service by submitting within two months a declaration of alienage to the Home Office.
at 273-74; see Michael Scaperlanda, Justice Thurgood Marshall and the Legacy of Dissent in Federal Alienage, 8 Geo.
One cannot say that the Marbois and van Berckel incidents prompted the ATS any more than one can say that they prompted admiralty and maritime jurisdiction, general alienage jurisdiction, or federal crimes against piracy and safe conducts.
In areas with high numbers of noncitizen prosecutions and anti-immigrant sentiment, jury bias based on alienage (or perceived alienage) should be a real concern.
Equal protection law holds that state and local government classifications based on alienage trigger elevated scrutiny, (135) unless they fall within the so-called political functions exception.
118) Johnson's interpretation of immigration federalism is strongly in favor of existing constitutional limits on state and local government activity in the areas of immigration and alienage law.
The court noted that heightened scrutiny was improper for federal classifications based on alienage because of Congress's power to regulate immigration.
248) Classifications that are based on race, national origin, religion, or alienage warrant strict scrutiny review.
within the state's borders by treating alienage as a suspect
The lawsuit, filed in United States District Court for the District of Minnesota, claims US Airways' alleged discriminatory actions were based on the imams' "perceived race, religion, color, ethnicity, alienage, ancestry, and/or national origin.
52) Alienage discrimination leads courts to apply strict scrutiny in some circumstances, (53) but only rational basis review when the discriminatory law is federal (and thus governed by the Fifth, not Fourteenth, Amendment).
160) The Court did observe that the purpose of the FCN treaties "was not to give foreign corporations greater rights than domestic companies" but rather to free them from "discrimination based on their alienage.
Suspect classifications include "classifications based on race, religion, alienage, national origin and ancestry.
Admittedly oversimplifying a vast and tangled body of law, one can generalize that courts subject classifications based on race, ethnicity, alienage, or religion, or ones that bear on fundamental rights, to strict scrutiny.