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the quality of being alien

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After Plyler, it became clear that alienage did not always rise to the level of strict scrutiny.
States, they should fall safely on the alienage side of that distinction
Supreme Court has held that state laws which discriminate based on alienage or length of in-state residency are in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment's Equal Protection Clause, the same does not necessarily hold true for federal laws.
It is true that even though the alienage jurisdiction statute creates federal subject matter jurisdiction, (62) courts nonetheless use forum non conveniens to dismiss those types of suits.
A classification by race or alienage, however, raises the suspicion that the classification is arbitrary.
traditionally included classifications based on alienage or, for that
Claudia Jones is the focus of Chapter Five, though Keith is interested in more than just the political essays for which she is best known; the 'various experiments' (memoir, testimony, poetry and epistolary) in 'form and narrative technique' attempt 'to transvalue her personal experience of alienage into an analytic opportunity' (pp.
44) The Court, however, went on to make the further claim that the First Congress was also responding to these incidents when it "created alienage jurisdiction .
This suspicion is based on questioning of alienage alone and also involves specific articulable facts, such as particular characteristics or circumstances which the inspector can describe in words.
62) Classifications that are subject to greater scrutiny are called "suspect classifications," and include those premised on: race, (63) national origin, (64) religion, (65) alienage, (66) sex, (67) and parental marital status.
That no person who is or has been separated from such service on account of alienage, or who was a conscientious objector who performed no military, air, or naval duty whatever or refused to wear the uniform, shall be regarded as having served honorably or having been separated under honorable conditions for the purposes of this section.
446) The Court has further held that alienage and illegitimacy are suspect classes.
decisions have established that classifications based on alienage,
The IJ in Jenkins's case ruled that immigration agents had not met the burden of proving that Johnson was an alien by clear and convincing evidence, because the disputed birth certificate constituted the sole evidence of alienage.