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transferable to another owner

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DAO 2019-08 is consistent with the implementation of DAO 2011-06, which prescribes guidelines for the implementation of public land titling in partnership with LGUs, as well as DAO 2007-09, which aims to simplify, streamline, and fast track the disposition of public alienable and disposable lands through free and homestead patents.
Deduction No 12: Externalizations of self-ownership are alienable; the subject of self-ownership is inalienable.
Tena Gnjatovic's article shows how insights into the opposition of alienable vs.
First, is it separately sellable or alienable? Second, may proxies be used to estimate value?
The quadrilateral, alienable frame was still new, and unusual; much more commonplace, and hence available for metaphor, were the frame as infrastructure (like the frame of a barn), the frame as body (the human frame), and--most challengingly and productively for the argument--framing as "any act of bringing matter into presence in conformity with a design or pattern" (54).
''The condition ensures that the JPEPA will observe the constitutional provisions on public health, protection of Filipino enterprises, ownership of public lands and use of natural resources, ownership of alienable public lands, ownership of private lands, reservation of certain areas of investment to Filipinos, and giving preference in the national economy and patrimony to Filipinos,'' Santiago said.
Carmarthen Eastand Dinefwr MP Mr Price warned of "a knock-on effect with second home housing refugees massing at the border, deprived of their in a alienable right to have a weekend home in the Cots wolds or the Lake District, seeking recompense in Wales."
He describes how the theory was implemented through the issuance of negotiable, alienable, and heritable vouchers representing ownership in construction, retail, food, and light industries and presents a generally approving assessment of the effects of Russia's "People's Capitalism."
The alienable third might go to a favored son or toward a daughter's dowry.
"Isn't there really something disquieting about entering into a society in which certain parts of the body are treated as alienable things like automobiles?" asked council member Dr.
The IRS has ruled that employee deferrals and employer matching contributions to a nonqualified plan do not trigger constructive receipt, and thus a taxable event, where benefits under the nonqualified plan are payable upon retirement, death, separation from service, or an unforeseen emergency and such benefits are not subject to assignment or otherwise alienable. Accordingly, deferred compensation arrangements can be an important method for compensating key personnel in both public and private companies.
Stone says: "You could say it's about the struggle for basic alienable freedoms in the face of oppression, but you'd sound like a jerk."
The High Court held that "when Congress makes reservation lands freely alienable, it is `unmistakably clear' that Congress intends that land to be taxable by state and local governments, unless a contrary intent is `clearly manifested'" by Congress.
An adequate explanation will have to avoid two dangers: the Scylla of freedom as a merely alienable power (since, if freedom can readily be alienated, then initial moral standing can be lost, so that the implication may be cold comfort for some actual human beings), and the Charybdis of a wholly inalienable capacity (which will tend to equate freedom with natural personhood, and so once again render individualism as a species of universalism and undermine the explanatory power of Wilson's account).
Nor does it really matter whether the medium of the argument--aloha 'aina or malama 'aina--was chosen more for its appeal to the current moral power of environmentalism than for its centrality to ancient Hawaiian culture, when land was not viewed as an alienable possession.