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transferable to another owner

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This distinction between the unified, integrated body and the dis-organ-ized, alienable body it vital in relation to a moral worry that shadows the property paradigm: the historical legacy of chattel relationships with persons, especially women and children, and slavery.
The aim of this paper is to try to show that languages which are traditionally considered to lack the distinction between alienable and inalienable possession often show certain differences in the expression of the two kinds of possessive relations.
only on this basis can secondary rights originate by contractually transferring titles to parts of alienable property.
My concern in this paper is a related one: what happens when, in a particular society, properties which were hitherto regarded as inalienable and thus essential parts of the self, become alienable or are alienated.
I argue that these conditions are unduly restrictive because they rule out plausible moral theories, including fairness theories that feature alienable rights.
5 million hectares of alienable and disposable lands and the issuance of stewardship rights for forest lands and leasehold rights for agricultural lands not covered by land reform.
Bangsil said the lots for awarding are portions of a classified alienable or disposable lands of the public domain as part of the extension area for the town site of the Municipality of Luna containing an area of 402.
They said, "Palestinian residents of Jerusalem have an alienable right to live in their city without cleansing policies targeting them.
Article 45 (1) recognizes the alienable right of citizenship to every person born to a Southern Sudanese mother or father.
Alienable rights to fairness imply that neither F* nor F** would give any weight to unfairness, regardless "how much" unfairness is at stake, if everyone prefers to override fairness concerns.
According to Weiner, people exchange certain alienable possessions in order to safeguard their inalienable possessions.
PDP Laban also deleted provisions in the present Constitution saying that 'private corporations or associations may not hold such alienable lands of the public domain except by lease, for a period not exceeding 25 years, renewable for not more than 25 years, and not to exceed 1,000 hectares in area.
1064 issued by then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on May 22, 2006, nearly 629 ha, or more than 60 percent, of the 1,032-ha island was classified as alienable and disposable and the rest as forest land and protected areas.
According to him, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is now putting in place a comprehensive package of reforms that will fast-track the processing and issuance of titles over alienable and disposable lands.
2) For DOJ to instruct BuCor to file the appropriate action in court for the declaration of nullity of the JVA, and 3) Call for a Presidential Proclamation reclassifying the DPPF as alienable and disposable land so that any convenience on the land maybe legally entered into by BuCor after the conduct of a public bidding as required by law.