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transferable to another owner

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see Lee Anne Fennell, Adjusting Alienability, 122 Harv.
Taking away this first right of alienability as not essential to property, the last right is where Harris and others focus: the right to exclude.
Anti-dead-hand rules can be set aside as having little, if anything, to do with arbitration, since they typically focus on (1) issues relating to future interests, as reflected in the Rule Against Perpetuities and similar provisions that give effect to the desire to promote the alienability of land, and (2) the principle that the trust must benefit the beneficiaries.
They have been concerned with embryo commodification and alienability in biotechnological practices and with the ascent of property rights and property discourse in general with respect to human tissue.
See Claire Priest, Creating an American Property Law: Alienability and Its Limits in American History, 120 HARV.
According to Singer (Harvard Law School), recurring themes of the text include social context; formal versus informal sources of rights; the tension between promoting alienability through consolidating rights in owners versus allowing the disaggregation of rights; contractual freedom and minimum standards; social welfare; justified expectations; distributive justice; justness and fairness; utilitarianism, social welfare, and efficiency; social relations; and libertarian and progressive approaches to property.
L Rev 970 (arguing that no deviations from free-market alienability are permitted unless they are required by 'efficiency').
31) For discussion of this standard of alienability, see RADIN, supra note 12, at 16.
52) and suggested that polity "defines and enforces the formal economic rules which govern property rights defining ownership, use, rights to income, and alienability of resources and assets as expressed in laws and regulations (North 2005, p.
If others can use emissions more efficiently, then precisely the alienability of rights to them could be in the best interests of the worst off.
For an analysis of civil law tradition normative justifications and their influence on civil law tradition statutes, see Neil Netanel, Alienability Restrictions and the Enhancement of Author Autonomy in United States and Continental Copyright Law, 12 CARDOZO ARTS & ENT.
Here, and only here, is the alienability of the individual's freedom and autonomy both possible and permissible.