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surveying instrument consisting of the upper movable part of a theodolite including the telescope and its attachments

surveying instrument used with a plane table for drawing lines of sight on a distant object and for measuring angles

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Also on the back is a graphical scale for finding the Equation of Time correction for any date, using the alidade as a rule.
Made from copper, however, the alidade mass for 3 fg x 3 fg x (2 cb--1 hd) would be more than 75 kg, requiring again at least another strong assistant, but for teak wood we can estimate about one-tenth of this weight.
The two rectangular tabs on the alidade should be folded out to form a sight for measuring the altitudes of objects.
Neither in the vertical nor horizontal measuring system is the electronic parts moved relatively to the alidade, so that all electronics are fixed to it.
The entire -124 cluster was mapped with plane table and alidade at 1:500, and individual marae were separately mapped at 1:100 to capture architectural details (Fig.
2003), "Os esplendores e as miserias da <<ciencia>>: coloni alidade, geopolitica do conhecimento e pluri-versalidade epistemica.
Considera-se avaliacao o processo por meio do qual se busca estabelecer os resultados obtidos de um programa, uma politica ou um projeto em qualquer atividade na re alidade social.
The mater can be suspended from a hook and its back is calibrated so that, with the aid of a sighting bar called the alidade, the altitudes of the Sun or stars can be observed.
36] = 50,998, indicando que o residuo do modelo e um ruido branco, o que confirma a qu alidade do ajuste.
Essa tend encia a simulacao, se por um lado de grande aceitacao popular, por outro comeca a construir a percepcao que associaria os materiais plasticos em geral a conceitos que tendem ao depreciativo, como falsidade, copia, artifici alidade, inferior idade, engan acao, ma quali dade e b aixo valor.
The basic structure of the telescope consists of the rotating lower section, known as the alidade, and the tipping structure, which tilts within it.
Sill, Oklahoma, where they both trained as artillery officers, Jones just couldn't get the hang of shooting his rifle using an alidade, a telescopic site used for determining direction.
Transits consist of three basic parts: an alidade (the upper part of the surveying instrument); horizontal and vertical circles; and a leveling head.
Dickmann, USN, retired (USNA; MEng, Catholic University of America), is an operations analyst for Alidade Consulting.
The light shining through the small hole in one alidade is reflected from the second crystal face.