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surveying instrument consisting of the upper movable part of a theodolite including the telescope and its attachments

surveying instrument used with a plane table for drawing lines of sight on a distant object and for measuring angles

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The other rule is the alidade with sights and a slit on its lower end for the chord rule.
Although rule lengths are not given, we estimate 3 cb length for the vertical and alidade rules in order for the instrument to be functional.
Two tabs fold out of the edges of the alidade to act as a sight.
Alignment is typically achieved by measuring the altitude of a reference object --either the Sun or a star--using the alidade and then rotating the rete until its projection lies on the appropriate almucantar; it is also necessary to have some sense of east and west in order to know whether to align the object so that it is rising or setting.
Bigger plane tables were used for graphic triangulation (Novotny 1909), featured with peep-sight alidades and telescopic level diopters.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- Alidade Incorporated, one of the defense industry's most innovative analysis firms, today announced the publication of breakthrough research into the concept of Network Centric Warfare (NCW).
Cares -- a combat veteran of the first Gulf War -- and other Alidade researchers were among the initial investigators of Network Centric Warfare, in which the military uses Information Technology to physically disperse their vehicles for protection and to concentrate their firepower against traditional, massed forces.
While almost every firm invests in IT, very few firms see their businesses as arrangements that tie together critical masses of customers, suppliers and information," said Jeff Cares, CEO of Alidade.
The positions of outcrops of buried soils were mapped along the dune face using a plane table and alidade.
Plane table fitted with non magnetic metel plate with wooden stand with accessories such as Alidade in wooden box 18, plumb bob, U fork, magnet, treble tube etc.
Alidade Capital, LLC purchased the asset free and clear of debt.
Alidade Capital, LLC is a private equity firm headquartered in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan which specializes in strategic real estate acquisitions throughout the United States.
An optimal plummet in the alidade expedites setup and ensures the highest accuracy possible at both 3" and 5" accuracy.
00 EA Surveying Instruments and Accessories: Alidades, Compasses,
A case containing battle-worn surveying flags, Wye levels, protractors, alidades and other surveying equipment that only a construction worker could truly love gives way to an exhibit room containing about 50 anti-aircraft cannon, mortar tubes and machine guns of all nations and vintages.