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surveying instrument consisting of the upper movable part of a theodolite including the telescope and its attachments

surveying instrument used with a plane table for drawing lines of sight on a distant object and for measuring angles

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In a separate deal the same day, Alidade Olympia I LLC closed on the $4.65 million sale of the Olympia Business Center, a total of 54,355 square feet in two buildings at 1325 and 1401 American Blvd.
Also on the back is a graphical scale for finding the Equation of Time correction for any date, using the alidade as a rule.
An alidade of only (assumed) 1 fg x 1 fg x 7.5 cb would weigh another impressive 28 kg, but should be even heavier if the dimensions of the rules are larger.
The cabin contains a large alidade, which is like a large compass pointed due north, on a wooden pedestal.
The pointer on the back of the mother, known as the alidade, is used as a line along which to sight celestial or terrestrial objects when making approximate measurements of their altitudes.
Ao que tudo indica, os papeis eram bem definidos em relacao a sexu alidade. Vera afirma que, quando era moca--decada de 1950--nos bailes, as mulheres eram obrigadas a permanecer de um lado do salao e os homens, de outro.
Among the common systems mentioned above, theodolite system aims at the target point through optical alidade and obtains the coordinate value by reading angle scale.
Neither in the vertical nor horizontal measuring system is the electronic parts moved relatively to the alidade, so that all electronics are fixed to it.
The entire -124 cluster was mapped with plane table and alidade at 1:500, and individual marae were separately mapped at 1:100 to capture architectural details (Fig.
He is the author of several books on defense strategies, including Futures of War: A Consensus View of the Future Security Environment, 2010-2035 (Alidade Press, 2008).
In 1910 the Survey was working on county soil surveys in cooperation with the US Bureau of Soils (while mapping topography with plane table and alidade), published a bulletin on the forest resources of Mississippi, and was completing bulletins on soils and on structural materials.
--(2003), "Os esplendores e as miserias da <<ciencia>>: coloni alidade, geopolitica do conhecimento e pluri-versalidade epistemica." In Conhecimento Prudente para uma Vida Decente: Um Discurso sobre as Ciencias' revistado, edited by Boaventura de Sousa Santos, 667-709.
Considera-se avaliacao o processo por meio do qual se busca estabelecer os resultados obtidos de um programa, uma politica ou um projeto em qualquer atividade na re alidade social.
The mater can be suspended from a hook and its back is calibrated so that, with the aid of a sighting bar called the alidade, the altitudes of the Sun or stars can be observed.
O teste de Box Pierce com 36 graus de liberdade apresentou o valor de Q = 42,84 < [[ji al cuadrado].sub.36] = 50,998, indicando que o residuo do modelo e um ruido branco, o que confirma a qu alidade do ajuste.