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Synonyms for alibi

Synonyms for alibi

(law) a defense by an accused person purporting to show that he or she could not have committed the crime in question

a defense of some offensive behavior or some failure to keep a promise etc.

exonerate by means of an alibi

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DEATH IN PARADISE Alibi, 8pm THE fashion world comes to Saint-Marie, with a catwalk show and some supermodels.
Suspects who are charged with a crime and have salacious alibis must weigh the costs and benefits of admitting to the salacious activities.
One way to study alibis is to ask participants to state where they were at a particular time (called generated alibis as opposed to fictitious alibis; Stromwell, Granhag, & Jonsson, 2003).
That is, according to Justin Weir in Leo Tolstoy and the Alibi of Narrative, he seems to question language's ability to convey an author's meaning even as he wields language to do precisely that in his own works.
She also has about 10 songs left over from the sessions for "Tears, Lies, and Alibis.
I'm going to sue these guys," said owner of C and H Auto Center Mario Dorantes, who was recently targeted by Alibis and Paybacks.
Shame they didn't give her a bionic brain while they were at it: her alibi for her weekend away fails the most basic test.
But now they have come up with a new range of World Cup alibis for love-cheats.
The texts, on the other hand, perform a kind of alibi function, persuading us of the power of Eisenman's intellect, the range of his cultural references and the number of intellectual friends he can muster to his cause.
Perfect Alibis by Jane Wenham-Jones (Bantam, pounds 5.
Presiding Judge Toru Teshima said that while bullying was common at the school, the alibis of the former students were believable, and questioned the credibility of statements by witnesses who claimed to have seen the bullying.
During police interviews Aston produced alibis for the days of the crimes, including saying he was with his father.
Luego se ufana de que "siendo un hombre de principios mas que de negocios, quiero ver agencias Alibis por todo el mundo para poder ayudar cada vez a mas individuos y a mas familias.
PARMA'S multi-millionaire chief Calisto Tanzi has warned coach Alberto Malesani that defeat from Rangers is unthinkable and promised: There will be no alibis.
It is necessary to treat these factors and these differences as obstacles to be overcome, not alibis to be delivered whenever test scores are bad.