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Synonyms for alibi

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Synonyms for alibi

(law) a defense by an accused person purporting to show that he or she could not have committed the crime in question

a defense of some offensive behavior or some failure to keep a promise etc.

exonerate by means of an alibi

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Adkins, a former Court of Appeals judge sitting by special assignment, appeared to side with Syed in noting that his trial attorney "did not even contact" the alibi witness.
Gaspar also contended that his defense of alibi should have been accepted by the RTC as it was corroborated.
Peacock's Alibi is an enjoyable entry in a series that we hope will continue.
ALIBI: Claims she was at home with her dad Max, but was alone when he went to walk their dog.
The General was coerced into paying for an alibi for his grandson and wants to find out the truth before he dies.
Apparently, sales are goin' like gangbusters, and even men who don't frequent Mavericks are stopping by for a quick drink and a bottle of Alibi.
Despite the great weight alibis can carry in the courtroom, alibi research is limited.
THE mother of one of the men on trial over the murder of Stephen Lawrence was yesterday accused of giving a fake alibi for her son.
For instance, innocent individuals may be surprised by the questions and could have difficulty remembering their whereabouts at the time in question, rendering their alibi statements less cohesive and credible.
That is, according to Justin Weir in Leo Tolstoy and the Alibi of Narrative, he seems to question language's ability to convey an author's meaning even as he wields language to do precisely that in his own works.
On the first floor of the Liberty Hotel, in an area that was once the "drunk tank," housing short-stay criminals who committed DUIs or who were arrested over a long weekend, is the Alibi Bar and Lounge.
But when a woman working as a security guard at a girl's school caught a guy pulling the old "cover up in an abayya" trick she got a different alibi: the lad said his pop told him to go into the school to confront the principal about unpaid salaries of his three sisters who work at the school.
The 28-year-old man was charged with attacking the Indian and robbing him in his apartment, but was cleared by the High Criminal Court because he had an alibi for the robbery night.