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Synonyms for alias

also known as


Synonyms for alias

a name that has been assumed temporarily

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as known or named at another time or place

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There are many methods to make anti-aliased image from aliased. In many application anti-aliased image is exactly what expected, and feature for anti-aliased pixel detection is unnecessary.
Subpixel Edge Reconstruction using Aliased Pixel Brightness // Electronics and Electrical Engineering.--Kaunas: Technologija, 2008.--No.
For any digitizer, beyond a certain point, each click of the timebase decreases the sampling rate and increases the span of aliased signals.
We define Must in an optimistic manner: if during the analysis a pointer expression is aliased to exactly one object that represents one run-time memory location, we treat it as a must alias.(6) To preserve monotonicity, if ComputeAliases returns no objects, all alias relations are killed, i.e., we define Must({}) to be all alias relations.(7)
are all in the program, and it is clear that using exactly that ordering of those statements causes *x to be aliased to END.