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mesquite pod used in tanning and dyeing

mesquite of Gulf Coast and Caribbean Islands from Mexico to Venezuela

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In a similar manner, but in clearly different social and economic conditions, overexploitation of the patches of algorrobales in the Argentinian monte (phraetophytic thickets of Prosopis flexuosa, known as algorrobo dulce to the Argentinians) has made this species rare.
Yet industrial consumption and the new industry's need for timber and firewood severely affected the only trees in the region, the tamarugo (Prosopis tamarugo, Fabaceae) and the Chilean algorrobo (P.
In these gullies are isolated patches of chaco scrub with algorrobo dulce (Prosopis flexuosa), jarrilla hembra (Larrea divaricata), and jarrilla macho (L.
farnesiana), and the Jerusalem thorn (Parkinsonia aculeata); and 5) the mesquites or algorrobos (Prosopis glandulosa, P.
Like its deserts, the landscapes of the New World's hot subdeserts are characterized by a flora dominated by typically Neotropical taxonomic groups: mesquites or algorrobos (Prosopis), cacti, agaves, yuccas, and others like creosote bushes (Larrea).