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a precise rule (or set of rules) specifying how to solve some problem

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Algorithmia offers a turnkey platform that gives algorithm developers the ability to publish their algorithms as a live, hosted web service, make them easily discoverable via a catalog and search interface, make them easily testable via a live console, and set the price per call for their algorithms -- reaping the rewards of their work.
Instead we have option for upgrading existing routing protocol with faster algorithms like A* in OSPF protocol.
S government adopted the algorithm as its encryption technique in October 2000 after a long standardization process, replacing the DES encryption algorithm.
These random-number generators are the algorithms of choice for applications such as encrypting credit card numbers in Internet transactions, for which unpredictability is of paramount importance.
The algorithm calculates a similarity score for all pairs of genes and assigns them to a cluster.
A third means of evaluating the performance of the RSWA involves comparing its fitting algorithms using reference results.
When approved, the AES will be a public algorithm designed to protect sensitive government information well into the 21st century.
The KATs are designed to provide conformance testing for the individual components of the AES algorithm.
Primality-testing methods had been getting quicker, but the algorithms had been getting more complex, says Chris K.
The ATLAS Encryption Algorithm converts clear data using a complex, non-linear substitution-permutation cipher.
Wendall Siemens, electrical engineering manager at Extreme Engineering, remarks: "For this application, the algorithms used change frequently because they are based on live tests.
To search the behavior space of the model, we study dynamic patterns arising from interactions among traffic flows routed across shared network nodes, as we employ various configurations of parameters and two different congestion-control algorithms.
Computer scientists may also find it possible to combine Grover's scheme with other quantum-mechanical algorithms to design superior procedures for searching databases in which items are in alphabetical order or have some other sort of structure.
a technology innovator that reduces the time and effort to design, verify and implement signal processing algorithms, today said that SiGine of Hangzhou, China, accelerated the design of its voice and video-over-network algorithms with Catalytic RMS (Rapid MATLAB[R] Simulator).
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