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a precise rule (or set of rules) specifying how to solve some problem

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Widrow and Hoff pretended the Least Mean Square (LMS) adaptive algorithm in the year of 1960 which is the simplest, and robust algorithms for filtering with adaptive coefficient.
Not all algorithms can be patented, but many can, even if the rules of application are not always straightforward.
Number theory [2] concerned with elementary arithmetic algorithms over the set of positive integers (i.
Today, computer algorithms play a critical role in producing and curating our communications and shared culture (Ziewitz, 2015).
The paper is organized as follows; section 2 includes the working principles of fast hybrid string matching algorithms along with graphical representation of performance comparison with their parent algorithms and finally conclude with section 3.
In recent years, compressive sensing algorithms have been recognized as a kind of novel high resolution DOA estimation algorithms [5].
Except these tree search algorithms, we have many other algorithms that we can use with routing protocols.
Asymmetric encryption is based on algorithms that are more complex and its performance overhead is more significant making it unsuitable for encrypting very large amounts of data.
To get a sense of how these algorithms operate, consider the following highly simplified version of a pseudorandom-number algorithm.
Microarray experiments generate vast amounts of data, which bioinformatics experts examine using statistical algorithms designed to detect patterns.
In this paper, we describe the algorithms for automatic estimation of the size of the welded area.
Each of the candidate algorithms was required to support key sizes of 128, 192 and 256 bits.
Part 1 explores issues concerning algorithms in school mathematics, such as what algorithms are, student-invented algorithms versus teacher-presented algorithms, algorithms presented mentally through paper and pencil and through technology, and the importance of algorithms.
The first section of this column reviews several standard algorithms for random sampling.
The ability to rate and rank algorithms through effective Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) is increasingly seen as the key to successful performance.
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