algorithmic rule

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a precise rule (or set of rules) specifying how to solve some problem

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From Table 4, it's found that the planned new metaheuristic algorithmic rule that's EGA is giving higher results in comparison to any or all different algorithms.
Percentage improvement of RCGA algorithmic rule over the past literature results is delineated in Table 5.
Percentage improvement of EGA algorithmic rule over the past literature results is delineated in Table 6.
These algorithmic rules can quickly identify test issues such as ATE freezes, excessive probing, and loose testing rules while there still is time to take meaningful action to prevent test escapes.
Thus these measures were considered as zootechnical performance characteristics upon which a set of algorithmic rules (Orhan and Yasar ,2010) were setup.
A multiple-response test are used to analyse and classify the number and frequency of the coded farms as qualified, averaged and unqualified farmers from algorithmic rules established from these nutritional indicators.
Within each of the multiple-levels every farm (total 172) was codified as 1, 2 and 3 to define the algorithmic rules: qualified farmers indicated by "1"; averaged farmers by "2"; and unqualified farmers by "3", respectively
Claim experts and technology analysts work together to build scenarios with algorithmic rules that use huge amounts of data across the life of a claim, from first report, to settlement and recovery.
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