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of or relating to or having the characteristics of an algorithm


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Putting our graduates and members in a position to succeed is paramount," said Doron Whitman, CEO of Algorithmic Traders Association.
is the industry pioneer in broker-neutral algorithmic trading platforms for equities, foreign exchange and listed derivatives.
The company said that it has launched algorithmic trading in Indian equities.
Features include symbol lists, audio alarms, color alerts and graphs that display the overall level of algorithmic activity across all exchanges.
The new service of the bank uses proprietary algorithms built using the Progress Apama algorithmic trading platform.
Strategy improvements for Citi Algorithmic Trading include:
is the industry pioneer and global leader in broker-neutral algorithmic trading platforms and rules-based order-management and execution systems for equities, foreign exchange and listed derivatives.
UBS clients can send front-to-back algorithmic trading orders directly from their desktop execution management system or order management system, including UBS's own "Pinpoint.
The next-generation Apama algorithmic trading platform enables financial institutions to instantly and continuously analyze, evaluate and respond to complex market events in real time for algorithmic trading, risk management, market aggregation and pricing.
Winning the Best Algorithmic Trading Technology Vendor award for the fourth consecutive year makes it clear that FlexFX remains the creme de la creme for algo trading in the foreign exchange market," said Vijay Kedia, president and CEO of FlexTrade.
As head of the Chicago office, Bilharz is primarily charged with expanding the reach of FlexOPT, the company's algorithmic options trading solution, which is currently used by leading sell-side institutions for principal and agency trading, as well as leading buy-side institutions and hedgefunds.
US Hedge Fund Selects Progress(R) Apama(R) Algorithmic Trading Platform to Rapidly Develop and Deploy Unique Algorithmic Strategies
com/reports/c74329) has announced the addition of "The Algorithmic Trading Handbook 2007/08" to their offering.
NEW YORK, March 7 /PRNewswire/ -- TradeTech 2006 -- Quantitative Services Group (QSG) has confirmed that the algorithmic strategies of Susquehanna Financial Group (SFG) exceeded the performance of its competitors in the QSG universe -- a peer group of major brokerages -- by a total of 18.
FlexTrade Systems, a global leader in multi-asset algorithmic execution management systems, today announced it has been named, for the second straight year, "Best Vendor for Algorithmic Trading" by the readers of FX Week.
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