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error resulting from the choice of the wrong algorithm or method for achieving the intended result

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The algorithm error will be controlled in (-5 x [10.sup.-4], 5 x [10.sup.-4]), when the iteration number is greater than 6.
Comparing Table 2 with Table 3, it is clear that in the same coarse sampling interval, the single SAR fast algorithm error is smaller than that of stereo SAR, which is in good agreement with the analysis presented in Section 4.
In the Table 2 the number of iterations required for mean error to reach the nearest neighbor algorithm error level is presented.
Convergence speed of AS Problem Berlin52 Att48 Burma14 Sensitivity to Iteration, at which nearest heuristic neighborhood algorithm error was information reached by AS 2.0 11 9 1 3.0 7 6 1 3.5 6 4 1 4.0 5 3 1 5.0 2 1 1 Unif[2:5] 5 4 1 Gauss[2:5] 6 4 1
Summary: Google and Facebook blame algorithm errors for fake news
The first victory of the human champion came as AlphaGo made many "questionable" moves in the middle of the match, which commentators said must be mistakes and algorithm errors.
Only Not Signed errors could be attributed to clinicians; Missed Test and Wrong Test Data-Entry errors could be attributed to mistakes within the CSR; Wrong Test Computer Algorithm errors occurred due to an incorrect algorithm in the LIS; and Mislabelled Specimen errors were associated with the phlebotomy process.
Next, on the basis of the AHP total sorting, several evaluation indexes were chosen as the input vectors of the improved BPNN algorithm to build a new TSF safety evaluation model; it optimized the convergence speed, adopted the back-propagation mechanism to decrease the algorithm errors, and avoided the oscillation in the training process of traditional BPNN algorithm.
Playing black, AlphaGo displayed questionable moves, which commentators said must be mistakes and algorithm errors, when Lee attacked at the center of the board set up by the supercomputer around the middle of the game.
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