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a precise rule (or set of rules) specifying how to solve some problem

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Some users have wondered about the credibility of these algorithms as it produces weird-looking faces and might not be effective at all.
The essential difference between ALGATOR and these environments is that they offer only several predefined basic algorithm quality criteria (like, does an algorithm return a correct solution or not, or, how many of the given tests were solved correctly, and the like).
Besides the definition of the output format (where the sequence of the parameters and indicators in output file is described), the test cases, the test sets and the algorithm structure has to be defined precisely.
This process of adaptive sampling is key to the algorithm's ability to make the right decision at each step.
In experiments, Singer and Balkanski demonstrated that their algorithm could sift through a dataset which contained 1,000,000 ratings from 6,000 users on 4,000 movies and recommend a personalized and diverse collection of movies for an individual user 20 times faster than the state-of-the-art method.
The Superpixel algorithm [4] is a variant of the K-means clustering algorithm, where the input is an image and the output is a clustered image, with values for each position corresponding to the index of the cluster that position has been assigned to.
The K-means clustering algorithm is used in general to partition a dataset {[x.sub.1]...[x.sub.n]} (each [x.sub.i] is a D-dimensional point) into K clusters, where K is considered a hyper-parameter which is given.
As noted before, a second article has been written about the written multiplication algorithm. In it, we describe the mathematics that underpins the written algorithm and we outline a teaching sequence and learning progression for developing students' understanding of how and why the written algorithm works.
* Are students able to perform the vertical written algorithm for multiplication?
In this article, in order to test the performance of the proposed algorithm, a comparison was made with four fundamental steganography algorithms from various fields.
Almost all of these algorithms are based on LSB embedding algorithm.
For example, the algorithm could be presented with your employee data, including results achieved (in this case, output from the hours worked).
1, let us consider an example that shows how the NA[F.sub.3] algorithm and the SNA[F.sub.3] algorithm convert a positive odd integer k(=35) into NA[F.sub.3](35) respectively.