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a precise rule (or set of rules) specifying how to solve some problem

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The marketplace offers access to an ever growing library of algorithms that developers can easily incorporate into their cloud applications.
Dijsktra algorithm has been improved in 1984 by implementing Fibonacci heaps in SPF algorithm (Fredman & Tarjan, 1987).
Subtle correlations between the numbers the algorithm produced were being amplified by the simulation's calculations and skewing the results.
But Christopher Bradfield, a professor of oncology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and CEO of the Madison-based toxicogenomics service company Functional Biosciences, points out that new algorithms are only as good as their translation into clearer biologic understanding.
We now present it in some detail, since the method to find the area of coverage is also used in the reference fitting algorithm.
Other cryptographic algorithms currently validated by the CMVP are the Data Encryption Standard (DES), the Triple Data Encryption Standard (TDES), the Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA), the Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-1), and the Random Number Generator algorithm (RNG).
It's an algorithm that most any programmer can follow," he says.
Developers use MATLAB from The MathWorks to design communication algorithms to decode signals gathered from their telemetry equipment.
Researchers not only have shown that the new algorithm outperforms NIST's popular MultiCal[R] software in the presence of measurement noise, but they have performed experiments demonstrating the accuracy of the uncertainty estimates generated by the algorithm.
Anecdotally, we find that most networks today do not even activate the common compression algorithms that exist in most touters for link speeds above 56 or 128Kbps.
Now, a computer scientist has found an ingenious procedure-an algorithm that relies on quantum mechanical principles-that significantly speeds up the process of identifying a particular item in an unsorted list.
SiGine used Catalytic RMS fixed-point Analyzer and Profiler for algorithm quantization and shaved more than 50% of the typical time to quantize.
Different choices are possible to model the input process, the congestion-control algorithm, and the routing.
Their algorithm, which illustrates "constrained molecular dynamics," not only captures the movements within complex molecules, it also speeds up such simulations.