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the Arabic (or decimal) system of numeration

computation with Arabic figures

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In order to verify the effectiveness of algorism proposed in this study, a comparison was made between the algorisms based on DT-CWT method [17], Log-Polar and DT-CWT [18], and Radon and wavelet transform [19].
Based on the approved algorism in the J2SE framework and the illustrating the typical example, we got the result that is work conversation from owl ontology to the relational database[end strikethrough].
Adaptive antenna technique that combines radar beamforming transmission and adaptive array antenna reception with signal processing algorism for estimation of target direction, thereby achieving high angle resolution even with a smaller antenna compared with conventional one.
In order to overcome this issue, NEC developed unique algorisms to precisely estimate the contents of SSL traffic and implemented functions that automatically apply the appropriate traffic flow control based on estimated contents.
The mechanism and algorisms for this pedometer (HJ-112 is the English version of HJ701IT) have been found to be valid and reliable based on the findings of recent studies (Hasson et al.