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the Arabic (or decimal) system of numeration

computation with Arabic figures

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In order to verify the effectiveness of algorism proposed in this study, a comparison was made between the algorisms based on DT-CWT method [17], Log-Polar and DT-CWT [18], and Radon and wavelet transform [19].
In many ways, the Google search algorism is an ever more efficient mechanism to strip the most human things about people--their ideas, their desires, their creativity--from actual human beings, repackaging them as products to be consumed for profit.
Synergism effects of curcumin and the different immunosuppressants on the cell proliferation were calculated by the algorism of Berenbaum (Berenbaum, 1977).
In this sense, different ways of perceiving the mentioned pathologies are a significant participation into the model algorism and its final results.
The following equation will further explain the algorism involved in the process.
Based on the approved algorism in the J2SE framework and the illustrating the typical example, we got the result that is work conversation from owl ontology to the relational database[end strikethrough].
Examples of the borrowings from Arabic include camise, algebra, algorism, cipher, zero, admiral, and zenith.
1970): Note on a Simple Algorism for a Computer-Produced Reading Ease Score, Journal of Applied Psychology, vol.