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the Arabic (or decimal) system of numeration

computation with Arabic figures

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There was no significant difference between urban and rural facilities regarding availability of non-human resources except for job aids (cards, brochures, and algorism) and running water that were more available in rural facilities (P = 0.039, 0.045, respectively) and implanon which was available only in urban facilities (P = 0.003) (Table 3).
The signals including direct signals and alternating signals are further used as the feedback signals and oscillometric signals for proposing the active pressure control and the deriving algorism for BP measurement.
In its original, rudimentary form, algorithms, known as algorism, was regarded as rules for computing calculations and performing arithmetic with Hindu-Arabic numerals.
(12) Arithmetic or "algorism," Parker notes, spread through the heterogeneous trade-world that Vitkus and Bartels describe, entering Europe through "early contacts with the Muslim world" and remaining "identified with Arabs, Saracens, and Moors" even as Arabic numerals overtook Roman, and arithmetical calculation "with the pen" replaced older forms of reckoning "with the counters." (13) Parker's interest lies in the dense web of associations whereby Shakespeare links numeracy to infidels, calculation to enchantment, and account-keeping to secrets, both economic and sexual.
We proved that the amplitude-comparison DF's DF accuracy has been improved by 60% through the improved algorism suggested in the paper, and we expect that the device size can be reduced below a half size of a device that has the same performance.
The variation of word frequencies in the EVST is large enough to include words that are unfamiliar even to native speakers (such as myosote, leat, and algorism).
The results support the above hypothesis that the learning of a language can be predicted by a statistical model computed from a Bayesian algorism. See Figure 1 for the similarity of the two and replicability of the simulation.
Literature [7] adopted wavelet transform to extract rotation invariant texture features, but with this algorism, only approximate rotation invariant features could be obtained.
In many ways, the Google search algorism is an ever more efficient mechanism to strip the most human things about people--their ideas, their desires, their creativity--from actual human beings, repackaging them as products to be consumed for profit.
Synergism effects of curcumin and the different immunosuppressants on the cell proliferation were calculated by the algorism of Berenbaum (Berenbaum, 1977).
Cowlishaw, "Decimal floating-point: algorism for computers," in Proceedings of the 16th IEEE Symposium on Computer Arithmetic (ARITH '03), pp.
In this sense, different ways of perceiving the mentioned pathologies are a significant participation into the model algorism and its final results.
The following equation will further explain the algorism involved in the process.
1122), employed by the Seljuks for a solar-calendar reform, managed to discover the binomial expansion, discovering also the modern generalized solution of cubic equations by applying higher geometry to algebra--'algebra', the term deriving from the Arabic al-jabr, having been conceptually differentiated already in the ninth century by al-Khwarizmi (the name enduring as our common noun 'algorism'/ 'algorithm') as an independent, self-sustaining new discipline of mathematical operations.
Based on the approved algorism in the J2SE framework and the illustrating the typical example, we got the result that is work conversation from owl ontology to the relational database[end strikethrough].