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measuring sensitivity to pain or pressure

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(2007) Interrater reliability of algometry in measuring pressure pain thresholds in healthy humans, using multiple raters.
In the algometry examination, the pressure pain threshold was verified using a Wagner(r) digital algometer, model FDX, with accuracy of 0.3% (Figure 2).
One week after the 15-week intervention was finished, pain variables, physical activity, psychological distress, and quality of life were again assessed, and physical capacity, number of tender points, and pressure algometry were recorded.
Lastly, thermal algometry for CPP assessment has been proposed [128, 129] in men with CPP.
However, previous research reports that repeated pressure algometry to a MTrP site over a one-hour duration does not impact the PPT reading.
A mixed design ANOVA (3x3) was used to investigate changes in algometry, peak torque normalised for body weight, power, and RMS with one between-subjects variable, group, with three levels (control, cryotherapy, and laser therapy), and one within-subject variable, time, with three levels (pre intervention, post intervention, and 48 hrs after intervention).
On the other hand, the use of a pressure algometry technique to assess the sensitization is increasing because of its proven efficiency and reliability in muscle pain syndromes (6,7).
The experimental stimulation methods used were the cold-pressor test (79), the heat immersion test (80), brief phasic (81-85) or tonic heat stimulation (86), cutaneous electrical stimulation (87-90), pressure algometry (91), punctate mechanical stimulation (83,85) and induction of an inflammatory injury (92).
We also subjected patients to a set of clinical assessments, i.e., the Neck Extension Test, the Brachial Plexus Provocation Test (BPPT), and algometry. We randomized the test order to preclude test-order bias.
However, pressure algometry is not a diagnostic tool for differentiating soft tissue pathology from other conditions, as several factors, eg disc prolapse, joint luxation, and bone fracture, may increase the local tenderness of soft tissues.
One study found that 75.32% of FMS patients experienced decreased tender point sensitivity as measured by algometry after treatment with 75-150 mcg T3 in conjunction with other lifestyle changes, including unspecified increases in aerobic activity, diet changes and nutrient supplementation (16).
Pressure algometry (dolometry) in the differential diagnosis of muscle pain.
Results from the high-quality RCT[15] report that persons receiving real acupuncture compared with sham acupuncture for FMS symptoms experienced significant improvements in both subjective pain reductions (as measured by serf-reports), and objective improvements in pain thresholds, (as measured by blinded assessors using algometry).