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of or related to algometry


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Mean values, standard deviation, and p value of the algometric evaluation of the cervical muscles in patients with and without the diagnosis of Temporomandibular Dysfunction With diagnosis of TMD Cervical muscles Mean (Kg/[cm.
The groups were similar in terms of pre-treatment algometric sensitivity, VAS-pain scores, restrictions regarding neck range of motion, and NHP.
In all groups, the pre-treatment algometric sensitivity and VAS-pain scores decreased and the degree of neck lateral flexion and rotation significantly increased on the third and 14th days of follow-up.
A heuristic versus algometric definition indicates that 'the manner in which an invention is achieved' (contrary to the dictate of section 103(a)) does implicate its creativity.
0m): the component will cover: (i) the set up of a scientific partnership for forest carbon measurement and monitoring; and (ii) the elaboration of specific algometric equations for the Congo Basin forests to enable countries to accurately report changes in forest carbon stock for a future results-based financial incentive system for REDD; The third component is mainstreaming REDD concept in Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Projects (US$3.
It is now becoming more common to use these algometric or polymeric compounds to add the double bond functionality rather than the monomeric acrylates.
Although algometric measurements were statistically significantly improved at the end of the study in group I (p < 0.