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device for measuring pain caused by pressure

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An electronic pressure algometer (Algometer commander, JTech Medical, 4314 ZEVEX Park Line; Salt Lake City, UT 84123) was used to measure pressure pain threshold (PPT) with a stimulation surface area of 1 [cm.
They placed a pressure algometer on each square and measured it.
The way we identified the muscles causing the pain was through palpation and through using a pressure algometer to see if one muscle was much more sensitive to pressure than the same muscle on the other side.
A simple handheld pressure algometer (PA) with a spring is commonly used, although more sophisticated electrical devices with a strain or pneumatic pressure gauge have been developed.
For stimulation in skin and muscles, electrodes, a pressure algometer and a 'thermo tester' were used.
NASDAQ: ZVXI) today announced that the Company's subsidiary -- JTech Medical Industries, a leading source for medical diagnostic equipment -- has launched a computerized Algometer Tool, a new component for its Tracker(TM) Brand Diagnostic System.