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the branch of botany that studies algae


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After an exhaustive search of Colombian algologists through the associations and pain management training institutions in Colombia, 364 email addresses were obtained: 278 of the ACED, 53 of ACCP, 27 of the First Meeting of Specialists in Pain Management and Palliative Care Training of academic programs of the country, organized by the ACCP on November 28, 2014, and 6 of graduates from the El Bosque University program.
Species identification was done after Christensen (1987) and Fletcher (1987) by means of compound microscope (magnification x40-100) with independent opinions of Swedish algologists used for confirmation (J.
It says that for the past five years it "has been working in co-operation with the world's leading algologists and several federal and state agencies to develop industry standards based on our own quality control and demands for purity."