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the branch of botany that studies algae


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But that "makes the fossils a good 800 million years older than the next organisms that look clearly like true multicellular algae," says Harvard University algologist Andrew H.
such as no American algologist has ever before enjoyed," assessed seaweeds in the area.
Colombian algologists come from different clinical contexts prior to their training as pain specialists; some have informal training, others have been trained in widely varying postgraduate programs depending on form of learning, type of clinical context, duration of the training, etc.
With this stark admission from front line algologists in mind, why do elderly and general medical patients consistently appear to produce disconcertingly poor results in pain studies?
Species identification was done after Christensen (1987) and Fletcher (1987) by means of compound microscope (magnification x40-100) with independent opinions of Swedish algologists used for confirmation (J.