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Among the 360 complicated malaria cases, the most common complication was cerebral malaria in 38% cases, followed by acute renal failure (ARF) in 24% cases, hepatopathy in 23% cases, both ARF and hepatopathy in 11% cases, shock in 4% and algid malaria in 1% cases.
Isolated pontine lesion in algid cerebral malaria: clinical features management and magnetic resonance imaging findings.
L'Albatros and I struggled through the narrow door as we exited the tram, stepping into turbulent and algid air.
As a consequence, the canon changes: the passionate Medieval period is rediscovered while the stiff and algid Classicism is rejected; consequently, literature is great when it is the fruit of the sentiment and passionate feelings.
Falciparum malaria has high mortality rate as it causes severe complications such as cerebral malaria, renal failure and algid malaria (Bhalli and Samiullah, 2001).
acute awareness of the depth of loss (algid), accentuated in the text by