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a mathematician whose specialty is algebra

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The Algebraist is a gripping read which blends majesty, humanity and relevance.
The 50-year-old was in the city centre branch of Waterstones in Cathedral Lanes to promote his latest science-fiction novel, The Algebraist, which is set in 4030AD when humanity has made it to the stars.
In a letter to Louys, he described the poet as a combination of refined dreamer, judicious architect, wise algebraist, and infallible calculator of "the effect to be produced.
He also enters upon the question raised by Peacock, the celebrated algebraist, whether that mysterious entity the square root of a negative quantity might not have some meaning in economical matters, deciding the question however in the negative.
whether she is a topologist or an analyst or an algebraist, or a number theorist, or a member of one, or even more than one, of the several communities currently listed in Mathematical Reviews?
For example, the third-century algebraist Diophantus always stated his problems in words but nonetheless invented a special symbol to denote the unknown quantity in equations, similar to our variable [chi] [2].
He was an algebraist at the time; she and others were influential in encouraging him to switch his attention to statistics.
The author has thus brought the fundamental problem of the unity of geometry to this logico-philosophical discipline of the analysis and the synthesis, inaugurating in this way an entire tradition that can be traced throughout the tenth century all the way to the algebraist al- Samawbal in the twelfth century.
IAIN M Banks's science fiction novels have for the most part been set in and around the anarcho-liberal utopia known as the Culture, but The Algebraist instead takes place in a hierarchical, militarised galactic empire known as the Mercatoria.
But this is Iain M Banks, not Iain Banks, and readers who have waited four years for The Algebraist will not be disappointed.
And while his new sci-fi novel The Algebraist may be set in outer space, he revealed it could easily be about Iraq.
Having trained as an algebraist, a branch of pure mathematics, Prof Stewart has become an expert in the field of applied mathematics, which treats scientific problems using methods that are of mathematical interest.
The prestigious Hugo awards will be handed out during a ceremony on Sunday night, with Scots writer Iain M Banks nominated for his novel The Algebraist
And American fans of his latest book The Algebraist will have to wait for several months to meet the award-winning writer because Banks cannot leave the UK.
Partial group actions began to draw the attention of algebraists after the release of the seminal paper [32], by R.