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For u between -1 and 1, the circular image of the parametric curve covers the unit circle exactly twice, while for u greater than I or less than -1, the unit circles is covered once algebraically. For u between 1 and 2, or between -1 and -2, there are inflection points where the circular image doubles back on itself.
In this paper we shall consider a moduli space [M.sub.G] of stable principal G-bundles over a smooth projective variety X of dimension n, defined over an algebraically closed field k of characteristic 0, and we shall describe a natural procedure which leads to the construction of closed differential forms on [M.sub.G] starting with some cohomology classes on X.
The concentration of creek 2(S2) can be determined in the same manner or algebraically as:
Algebraically, we couldn't communicate understanding of how to solve a problem through writing, which was a big piece of the WASL."
The annual R&D time series denoted [E.sub.k] are expressed algebraically in terms of investment waves, whose shape is described by the factors [[beta].sub.i].
Combining equations 1 and 2 algebraically results in a common expression (equation 3):
Because we actually measure the change in absorbance between the irradiated and the nonirradiated specimens as a function of time, we algebraically rearrange Eq.
Building on this research, in the early 1890s Harvard Medical School pediatrician Thomas Morgan Rotch developed a complicated artificial feeding technique known as the "percentage method." Arguing that formula constituents needed to be algebraically calculated for each infant, Rotch and his proponents asserted that minute gradations in a formula determined whether or not a child wasted away or became healthy (Meckel, 1990).
Thinking algebraically should not be the domain of middle school or high school students.
The total outputs of the taps are algebraically combined after the signals have been de-spread.
When one algebraically solves Equation 1 for the BESR the result is
An equation algebraically equivalent to a + b = 15 was generated from an entirely different action than that of the length of two segments together totaling 15 inches.
The governing differential equation of motion is transferred to the Fourier or Laplace domain and the solution in the form of a series is obtained algebraically. Basically, there are two methods to invert the series from the transformed domain to the time-space domain.
This designation applies to challenges in which a computer can search through all the possibilities to find the answer using a reasonable amount of memory-defined in computer science as "a polynomial amount of space." Such a search in the case of Rush Hour takes an amount of memory that increases algebraically with grid size, but the time required may increase exponentially.