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of or relating to algebra


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Dr Postinghel's project - titled 'Classifying algebraic varieties via Newton-Okounkov bodies' - will make a major contribution to Algebraic Geometry, an emerging area of Pure Mathematics in which the UK has a long tradition of excellence.
This led to their definition of algebraic insight in terms of two broad aspects: algebraic expectation and ability to link representations (Pierce & Stacey, 2001).
The problem of efficiently constructing balanced Boolean functions with optimal algebraic immunity (and/or other cryptographic properties) is thus of great significance.
In [NT2] we extended some well-known local global principles in the case of global fields to their infinite algebraic extensions, where one replaces the usual completions by the so-called localization fields.
2 Neutrosophic Algebraic Structures [or INeutrosophic Algebraic Structures]
Main four types of errors were encountered including errors causes; transitioning from arithmetic to algebra and vice versa, miss-conception of algebraic basic laws and their applications, overconfidence, mixing of unknowns and constants, computational errors etc.
Eleven contributions are selected from the eight working groups in the areas of elliptic surfaces and the Mahler measure, analytic number theory, number theory in functions fields and algebraic geometry over finite fields, arithmetic algebraic geometry, K-theory and algebraic number theory, arithmetic geometry, modular forms, and arithmetic intersection theory.
Proved by the work of French mathematician Jean-Pierre Serre (who has made fundamental contributions to algebraic topology, algebraic geometry, and algebraic number theory) and American mathematician John Torrence Tate, Jr.
The theory of context-free grammars and its relationship with combinatorics was initiated by the article of Noam Chomsky and Marcel-Paul Schutzenberger in 1963 [CS63], where it is shown that the generating function of the number of words generated by a non ambiguous context-free grammar is algebraic. Since then, there has been much use of algebraic functions in combinatorics, see e.g.
Papers [13-18] discuss that second smallest eigenvalue of the Laplacian matrix (algebraic connectivity) plays a special role for the robustness of networks using the Erdos-Renyi random graph, as an example for the model of condition monitoring wireless sensor networks.
While the word 'algebra' may make some primary teachers feel uncomfortable or worried, the basic arithmetic ideas underlying algebra are vitally important for older primary students as they are increasingly required to use "algebraic thinking" in the transition years (1).
The purpose of this study was to assess student knowledge of numeric, visual and algebraic representations.
In 1545, Girolamo Cardano (1501 - 1576) discovered complex numbers when solving algebraic equations.