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of or relating to algebra


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That this is feasible is supported by three recent articles of the applicant and the host where combining their techniques led to the solution of a long-awaited results on the dimension of certain algebraic varieties appearing in the context of quantum algebras.
In Section 2, we give a few definitions, mostly illustrating the link between context-free grammars, solutions of positive algebraic systems and N-algebraic functions.
Also, in order to establish thoroughly the conceptual links needed for algebraic (and, in fact, all mathematical) thinking, "multiple representations" of the ideas are needed (Warren, 2003; Sfard, 1991).
com/9stsalk) offers students as young as eight years old a visual, kinesthetic approach to solving advanced algebraic equations.
By way of example, a typical pedagogical strategy is to suggest various equivalent algebraic expressions for the general term of a pictorial pattern.
Algebraic methods in statistics and probability; proceedings.
This patent broadly covers the foundation of our methods, known as the Algebraic Eraser[TM]," said Louis Parks, SecureRF's CEO.
The aim of this paper is an application of robust control design to general anisochronic plant with time delay in both the numerator and denominator, and the algebraic approach together with the structured singular value is used as a tool.
But how can elementary teachers develop algebraic thinking in their students?
Washington, December 3 (ANI): A newly developed technology is expected to enable the Air Force to achieve advances in object and target detection technology by using sophisticated algebraic theories called groups, rings and fields.
The featured projects include a Quilted Mobius Band (making a mobius quilt); Diphantine Equations (making a bi-directional hat); Sierpinski Variatins (making a Sierpinski shawl); a Two Knit Stiches Tours; Symmetry Patterns in Cross-Stitch; Algebraic Structure (making algebraic socks); Fortunatus's Purse; (K)Not Cables and Braids (making a pillow of Braid Equivalence); The Graph Theory of Blackwork Embroidery (embroidering a Holbeinian Graph); and making Hyperbolic Pants.
Most online credit recovery programs individualize instruction by pre-testing kids on algebraic concepts, funneling them back to lessons to review missing concepts and bypassing concepts they understand.
The journal will be organized into eight sections: algebraic and geometric topology; symplectic topology and global analysis; non-linear analysis; classical topics; games; economics and computation theory; surveys; and, brief communications and open problems.
Arranged by subject and prefaced by short introductory notes, the puzzles range from algebraic problems such as "Was Fermat Wrong?
Mathematicians solved algebraic equations until they came to a stop with the quintic equation, which resisted solution until two mathematical geniuses independently discovered it couldn't be solved using the usual methods.