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primitive chlorophyll-containing mainly aquatic eukaryotic organisms lacking true stems and roots and leaves

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'The algal bloom was due to the warmer temperature brought about by the mild El Nino that we are experiencing right now.
For desalination plants, algal blooms can lead to operational issues like clogging of intake filters, increased chemical consumption, high membrane fouling rates, and in extreme cases, shut down.
We think of harmful algal blooms mostly in lakes, but they can occur in rivers and reservoirs, and what this project is really getting at is understanding these problems in a different context because each individual ecosystem is different."
The BFPI said that algal bloom is nothing to be worried about.
In the present study, a freshwater strain of the green algal species Chlorella vulgaris was used as a unicellular model organism for the toxicity characterization of NiO-NPs.
Why would such a trivial event such as an algal bloom cause this panic?
Among the many eukaryotic algal groups, the Chlorophyceae are among the most resilient which explains their success colonizing extreme terrestrial habitats [1].
Such as anaerobic digestion of algal biomass produces methane gas [8], transesteri-fication of microalgal oil yield biodiesel [9, 10], and photo-biologically process of algae results in bio-hydrogen [11, 12] etc.
The study is appropriately named "Trash to Treasure." The electrodes made from the algal blooms holds more energy than sodium-ion batteries.
The process, dubbed Combined Algal Processing (CAP), is detailed In a new paper published in Algal Research.
Our Algal Biofuels Consortium possesses great expertise and experience in growing marine microalgae for fuels, animal feeds and other co-products.
Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), giving the company broad control over the sustainable production of EPA omega-3 fatty acids from a naturally EPA-rich algal species.
Aim of the present study was collection and identification of native algal species, optimization of their growth conditions and comparison of their oil content.
Walker offers this technical compilation on the occurrence, toxicity, and management of algal blooms that may present in drinking water.
OHIO (CyHAN)- Engineers at NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland are using NASA Glenn remote-sensing technology to learn more about the Lake Erie algal bloom that contaminated water supplies in northwestern Ohio and southeastern Michigan over the weekend.