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primitive chlorophyll-containing mainly aquatic eukaryotic organisms lacking true stems and roots and leaves

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They are often referred to as blue-green algae, even though it is now known that they are not related to any of the other algal groups, which are all eukaryotes.
The North China Sea Marine Forecasting Center of State Oceanic Administration reports the algae bloom grew from 1,500 square km on May 22 to 35,000 square km on June 4.
In the PNNL process, a slurry of green algae is pumped into the front end of a chemical reactor.
Engineers have created a continuous chemical process that produces useful crude oil minutes after they pour in harvested algae - a verdant green paste with the consistency of pea soup.
The peer-review study — the first to analyse real-world data from an existing algae-to-energy demonstration scale farm — indicates the environmental and energy benefits of algae biofuel are at least on equal footing with, and likely better than, first-generation biofuels, Algal Biomass Organization of Preston, Minn., said Thursday in a release.
While burning algae-derived fuel in an engine or factory generates carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions just like fossil fuels do, the algae itself requires CO2 to photosynthesize--so overall no new CO2 is added to the atmosphere.
Algae will become a source of biofuels used in car and aircraft engines as the cost of this type of fuel will be competitive in future whereas the UAE has the potential to become a leader in biofuels from the algae industry.
Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin are to investigate why one of the most promising of alternative energy systems, the use of algae to create new biofuels, appears to consistently underperform.
Australian alternative energy firm Algae.Tec (ASX: AEB) (OTCQX : ALGXY) has appointed Colin McGregor as general manager Project Operations.
One of the most important aquatic plants on earth, commonly known as "algae" (pronounced "al-jee" or "al-gee") also plays a major role in Florida's ecosystems.
There are currently more than 127,000 separate species and infraspecific algae listed in the database known as AlgaeBase.
Advances in digital photography and the use of sophisticated microscopes are producing increasingly striking images of algae - tiny, simple plants which are of fundamental importance in underpinning the food chain.
Algix LLC, Bogart, Georgia, USA, is blending high-protein-content algae with thermoplastics to make new bioplastics for disposable and durable applications.