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primitive chlorophyll-containing mainly aquatic eukaryotic organisms lacking true stems and roots and leaves

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Catalogo floristico de las algas bentonicas marinas del litoral de Almeria (Sureste de Espana).
A specialist in classifying red algae, Gary Saunders of the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, comments that many animals consume these species, "but for the alga to be dependent on the animal--I just can't think of another case.
Es comun la presencia en las costas de la Peninsula Iberica de individuos de Acrosorium ciliolatum y Cryptopleura ramosa aunque, por su pequeno tamano y por vivir, con frecuencia, epifitos sobre otras algas, su distribucion conocida es menos amplia de la que en la realidad debe ser.
The scientists compared gene sequences in Caulerpa taxifolia recently discovered in California and in specimens of the alga collected in the Mediterranean Sea and various aquariums (SN: 11/21/98, p.
While it is true that the majority of taxonomists would classify an alga as a protist, there still are a large number of modern taxonomists who place algae within the kingdom Plantae.
Nearly one in five species in the fungal kingdom forms a composite with an alga, which is from the protist, or protoctist, kingdom.
Last week, Woodfield, of Merkel and Associates in San Diego, with representatives of many state and federal agencies and an electric utility, confirmed Silva's conclusion: The alga is a mutant, aquarium-derived clone of the Mediterranean's Caulerpa taxifolia.
Orange species tolerate a bit more light, and Duval and Hoham spotted their salmon-colored alga in the open snow of several New England ski resorts.
A new study establishes for the first time that fish that dine on a particular plantlike floating diatom, an alga, can become a dietary time bomb for mammals higher up the food chain.
The alga alters the activity of a fish's chemical-detoxification enzymes, even in fish that don't eat the weed.
Para la realizacion de los mapas de distribucion de algas marinas de la peninsula Iberica se han consultado los siguientes herbarios institucionales: BCN-Phyc, BM, FCO-Algae, HGIA, IEL-Algae, ITAC, MA-Algae, MGC-Algae, MS, MUB-Algas, PC, SANT-Algae, VAL-Algae, habiendose encontrado material perteneciente a dichas especies del genero Cryptonemia en los herbarios BCN-Phyc, BM, FCO-Algae, HGI-A, IEL Algae, MA-Algae, MGC-Algae, MS, PC, SANT-Algae, VAL Algae.