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primitive chlorophyll-containing mainly aquatic eukaryotic organisms lacking true stems and roots and leaves

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Catalogo floristico de las algas bentonicas marinas del litoral de Almeria (Sureste de Espana).
Had the alga not been contained, "it would have irreversibly changed the ecosystem in California's near-shore coastal environment,' says Tim Keeney, deputy assistant secretary of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
"Interestingly, in the brown alga we discovered, a high proportion of genes that are characteristic of green algae, including the kinases and transporters typical for multicellular land plants, as mentioned above.
For example, when they kidnapped the resident damselfish, other fish and sea urchins ate up the alga within days.
At the Society of Toxicology meeting, Baden reported isolating two additional variants of this chemical from the alga. What makes these brevenals interesting, says Baden, is that when administered to animals, all three prevent brevetoxins' damaging effects on nerves, lungs, and DNA.
Scientists reported last week that they've found genetic confirmation of their assumption that a newfound rogue alga in California waters is the same strain that has been smothering seafloor communities in the Mediterranean (SN: 7/4/98, p.
While it is true that the majority of taxonomists would classify an alga as a protist, there still are a large number of modern taxonomists who place algae within the kingdom Plantae.
Nearly one in five species in the fungal kingdom forms a composite with an alga, which is from the protist, or protoctist, kingdom.
Without question, Silva says, "this was the so-called killer alga" that has been progressively smothering the Mediterranean seafloor (SN: 7/4/98, p.
Orange species tolerate a bit more light, and Duval and Hoham spotted their salmon-colored alga in the open snow of several New England ski resorts.
Para la realizacion de los mapas de distribucion de algas marinas de la peninsula Iberica se han consultado los siguientes herbarios institucionales: BCN-Phyc, BM, FCO-Algae, HGIA, IEL-Algae, ITAC, MA-Algae, MGC-Algae, MS, MUB-Algas, PC, SANT-Algae, VAL-Algae, habiendose encontrado material perteneciente a dichas especies del genero Cryptonemia en los herbarios BCN-Phyc, BM, FCO-Algae, HGI-A, IEL Algae, MA-Algae, MGC-Algae, MS, PC, SANT-Algae, VAL Algae.