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important European leguminous forage plant with trifoliate leaves and blue-violet flowers grown widely as a pasture and hay crop

leguminous plant grown for hay or forage

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Fall stand scores were lower compared to the [N.sub.2]-fixing alfalfas for all manure rate treatments in both years at Rosemount and at Waseca in 1999.
In both years, reed canarygrass yielded the same as Ineffective Agate and less than the two [N.sub.2]-fixing alfalfas at the first four manure rate treatments.
Schuman says that unlike other alfalfas, falcata's stems are finer, providing cattle with forage in the chilly winter air.
Schuman is talking about a yellow-flowering subspecies of alfalfa, Medicago sativa ssp.
Alfalfa, the preferred feed for thoroughbred horses, dairy cows, and other livestock, has always been a pioneer plant.
PRODUCERS IN THE NORTH-CENTRAL USA sow fall dormant alfalfa cultivars because of the positive association of FD with winter survival.
Alfalfa is called Queen of the Forages because of the many nutritional benefits it offers dairy cows and other farm animals.
FALL DORMANT ALFALFA CULTIVARS produce short, decumbent shoots in autumn, whereas fall nondormant plants possess tall, upright shoots in autumn (Smith, 1958; Barnes et al., 1979; Sheaffer et al., 1992; Cunningham et al., 1998).
Alfalfa has been grown as a forage crop since the beginning of recorded history and can now be found almost anywhere in the world.
This report summarizes the preliminary results of the investigation of this outbreak, which has identified 228 cases in 13 states and implicated the source as alfalfa sprouts produced at multiple facilities using seeds that likely originated from a common grower.
family-owned seed company with plant breeding programs in hybrid alfalfa, soybeans and hybrid corn.
ALFALFA IS THE MOST important forage legume crop grown in North America and the third most widely grown crop in the USA (Barnes et al., 1988).