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Synonyms for alexia

inability to perceive written words

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Berry also represented by newcomer Social Height (2.20) and Signor Whippee and Alexia Rose (5.20).
Alexia, who lives in Gloucestershire, says: "I never anticipated that the event would grow so big.
Homeister-the first woman to ride the winner of the international contest-forced Alexia up in the last strides to beat the home-trained Yagrumo by a neck.
Most of the crowned heads of Europe will be at the ceremony in London on July 9 when Alexia, 33, weds her long-time boyfriend, architect Carlos Morales.
Alexia Abernathy's invention started as a science-fair project in elementary school.
"It continues to be very enjoyable and rewarding to team up with Darian and Alexia as we work together to transform VUKA Brands[TM] into a very solid, scalable company - with a clear focus toward developing VUKA Energy[TM] into a very well-known, profitable brand.
Harriet said: "Alexia wears a vintage denim jacket paired with casual trousers from Free People, emphasising that comfortable can still look stylish."
The Kypria International Festival 2017 continues next week with an untold story of women in jazz, when singer Alexia Vassiliou will perform in Nicosia on Wednesday and in Limassol on Thursday.
Bruno, a Steppe eagle, and Alexia, a Tawny eagle, were found dead in their aviary when volunteers arrived for work.
Growing Up Happy has been written by Alexia Barrable and Dr Jenny Barnett, who have been best friends for almost 20 years.
The tragic accident happened as Mihail Nita was playing upstairs with his older sister, Alexia, at his family home in South Bank.
Alexia Casale brings the hallowed halls of Cambridge University to life with her vivid descriptions of the colleges and the surrounding streets, totally immersing the reader into Nick's life.
Alexia Walenkaki suffered a cardiac arrest after it crashed on her head in a council-run play area.
Andrew Adshead and Alexia Akre, both pupils at Hearsall Community Primary School, started off the drawing to fill in some space, before it arrived at Earlsdon library on May Day for the town's first ever Arts Trail.