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Synonyms for alewife

flesh of shad-like fish abundant along the Atlantic coast or in coastal streams

shad-like food fish that runs rivers to spawn

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I'm honored to accept the ENR Newsmaker award for the entire Alewife team," says Struzziery.
A comparison of scale and otolith aging methods for the alewife, Alosa pseudoharengus.
In Lake Michigan, food sources for the now-important alewife as well as for the whitefish and perch, two native fish species that are still hanging on in the lake, began to disappear.
Among the most trouble some invaders are sea lamprey, alewife, smelt, and zebra mussels.
For instance, within months after the 1999 destruction of the 7-m-tall Edwards Dam on the Kennebec River near Augusta, Maine, people sighted striped bass, alewife, Atlantic salmon, and Atlantic sturgeon upstream of the dam site.
The American eel is also widespread inland, and much less so the alewife and white perch; the landlocked localities for the last two species are probably a result of stocking.
In turn, restoring healthy alewife populations promises to provide multiple benefits.
and Alewife Land Corporation (collectively, Grace) owns a 29-acre parcel of land in the North Cambridge area of Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Other examples of shared memory multiprocessors that have been constructed based on such a directory organization are the Stanford FLASH and DASH multiprocessors [34, 39], the MIT Alewife [6] and the HAL-S1 [60], among others.
Just hop on the MBTA's Red Line and continue three stops past Harvard to Alewife, the end of the line.
Blueback and alewife herring, shad, and other migratory fish spend four to five years in the Chesapeake Bay or Atlantic Ocean before returning to spawn, but the many sewer lines, dams, and fords constructed over the last century have greatly diminished available habitat and increased competition for that which remains.
Bar (New Haven); Bank Street Brewing (Stamford); Alewife Grille & Brewery (Glastonbury; closed in 1997); and Post Road Brewing (Waterbury; later named Ledge Light Brewery & Restaurant; closed in 1998).
For instance, we are allowed to retain sexist names for nonhumans, such as alewife, timothy grass, daddy longlegs, sweet william, and myrtle.
4-acre wetland in the Alewife Reservation, a 120-acre park located in Cambridge, MA, and nearby Arlington and Somerville, MA.