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flesh of shad-like fish abundant along the Atlantic coast or in coastal streams

shad-like food fish that runs rivers to spawn

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The wetland, planted with over 124,000 native plants, is a safe haven for migrating birds and the alewife and blueback herring, both threatened species.
The Roanoke River fishery, once dominated by thriving commercial fisheries that targeted anadromous species American Shad, Alewife, Blueback Herring, and Striped Bass, is now a multimillion-dollar recreational fishery best known for Striped Bass and Hickory Shad (McCargo et al.
here--/ I'm an alewife the fish the seagull / has no taste for
Seven species are introduced in the Chicago region: Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio), Alewife (Alosa pseudoharengus), Goldfish (Carassius auratus), Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytseha), Redear Sunfish (Lepomis microlophus), White Perch (Morone americana), and Round Goby (Neogobius melanostomus), but many others owe their presence in Wolf Lake to human intervention.
Alewife Alnager Armourer Baker Barber Brewer Cobbler Dragoman Fish-fag Hangman Lavender Mercer Midwife Minstrel Scrivener Sempster Smith Tapster Tinker Wakeman
In turn, Diporeia was fed upon by many fish species, including the commercially important lake whitefish, and forage fish such as alewife, bloater, and sculpin that serve as prey for larger piscivores (salmon, trout) (Scott and Crossman 1973, Wells 1980).
That contrasted with an alewife who was based in Foregate Street, an area of the town filled with drinking establishments - in the late 1480s, there were 21 brewers and 33 places that sold ale.
Ross and Dunning (1996) used 190 dB high frequency (122-128 kHz) broad-based sound, and reduced alewife abundance by 51% at power plant intakes in Lake Ontario.
The jest book persona Long Meg of Westminster--later subject of an anonymous play--belongs in this tradition of strong female roles, as does the legendary alewife Mother Bunch.
McIntosh enlarges our view of the categories of women's work to include taking in boarders, caring for the sick and aged, extending credit, or acting as consumers by incorporating evidence from the equity courts to elucidate aspects of women's income-producing activities often overlooked in earlier works, which have concentrated on occupational categories such as alewife, prostitute, or nun.
The yearly stocking of Lake Michigan with hatchery-born salmon solved the alewife problem and created a sport fishing paradise.
The Lake Huron fishery has been depleted from over-fishing, destruction of spawning grounds, and the introduction of exotic species (lamprey eel, alewife, smelt) that compete with species native to the lake.
With that blast, American shad, blueback herring, and alewife migrating from the Atlantic through the Chesapeake Bay could move into 106 more miles of potential spawning habitat upstream of the dam.
Brown maintains that "[i]n the brief moment of a jest, a humble alewife can get the better of an educated and far more powerful man" (75).
In turn, restoring healthy alewife populations promises to provide multiple benefits.