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granular protein in outermost layer of endosperm of many seeds or cereal grains

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Functional dissections between GAMYB and Dof transcription factors suggest a role for protein-protein associations in the gibberellin-mediated expression of the RAmy1A gene in the rice aleurone. Plant Physiology, 133: 850-863.
In Haploid seeds, R1 nj gene induce the pigmentation in aleurone layer only but not in scutellum.
The higher content of lipid is characteristic for the germ and the aleurone layer.
Among these compounds, ferulic acid is present at the highest concentration, and it is found both in its free form and covalently bound to the arabinoxylans that are present in the cell walls of the endosperm, aleurone layer, and pericarp [6-9].
Knudsen, "Different metabolic and absorption patterns of betaine in response to dietary intake of whole-wheat grain, wheat aleurone or rye aleurone in catheterized pigs," European Food Research and Technology, vol.
In addition, PP present in wheat is located in the aleurone and due to its fibrous nature it ends up limiting the access of the phytase to its substrate, thus stopping PP degradation (LIU et al., 2014).
Obtaining flour from wheat involves separating the endosperm (the flour) layer from the hard outer shell (the bran) and an inner layer called 'aleurone.'.
Seven full articles and five expanded abstracts consider such topics as medicinal plants for animals--a current therapeutic option with long tradition, equine immunology and phytogenic drugs, novel approaches to preventing injury and monitoring tendons and ligaments by ultrasound tissue characterization, dimethylglycine supplementation in horses performing incremental treadmill exercise, gymnastic training and dynamic mobilization work to improve a horse's stride and epaxial musculature quality, and the effect of aleurone supplementation on postprandial glucose and insulin response in horses.
The brown color comes from the rice bran (aleurone layer) which covers the whole rice grain.
It consists of the 'aleurone' layer that surrounds the starchy endosperm of the wheat kernel and is proven to contain the grain's highest content of valuable nutrients, including dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals.
(31) (Arsenic tends to accumulate in the aleurone layer of the rice grain, which gives brown rice its color.
Zou et al., "Annotations and functional analyses of the rice WRKY gene superfamily reveal positive and negative regulators of abscisic acid signaling in aleurone cells," Plant Physiology, vol.
Extensive analysis of the responsive domains of gibberellin early response genes, like GAMyb in rice aleurone, revealed the presence of enhancerlike activities in a large first intron, a motif that is also observed in Arabidopsis AGAMOUS and FLC genes.
aestivum ABA: abscisic acid; CHP: cysteine histidine proline; SNF: sucrose nonfermenting; PIMP: pathogen induced membrane protein; CP: cysteine protease; EXPR: expansin; PIP: plasmamembrane intrinsic proteins; LEA: late embryogenesis abundant; HVA: Hordeum vulgare aleurone; TaSIP: Triticum aestivum saltinduced protein; VIGS: virus induced gene silencing.
Therefore the pigmented rice is some varieties of rice that have a color on the palea, lemma and another inside part such as pericarp tegmen and aleurone layer.