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Synonyms for alertness

Synonyms for alertness

the condition of being alert

Synonyms for alertness

the process of paying close and continuous attention

a state of readiness to respond


Related Words

lively attentiveness

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Moderate physiological arousal enhances performance, if interpreted by the student as alertness or preparedness.
Other benefits of Tyrosine are: # Relieving stress # Relieving depression, anxiety and mental fatigue # Improving alertness # Improving workout intensity # Increasing weight loss The recommended dosage is one gram per kilogram of your bodyweight per day and Tyrosine is available at most health stores.
The researchers tested alertness by making participants drive for two hours on a simulated motorway.
Although drivers would probably pass a breathalyser test, the natural dip in alertness experienced in the afternoon could lead to increased danger on the roads, researchers said.
If not for Officer Chenowith's alertness to duty and courageous efforts, the resident likely would have perished in the house fire.
Judges commended the alertness, simple outline, comfort and versatility of this chair from a young company.
The effects of this roller coaster ride of artificial highs and lows can ultimately take their toll on mental alertness and physical condition.
The technician is in constant communication with the patient to maintain maximum patient alertness.
For people who are sleep deprived, a 10-minute nap is more effective than a 30-minute nap in producing an immediate and sustained recovery in alertness, mood, and performance.
Crash risks increase as the number of hours on duty increase, and people who sleep in short periods or in environments with excessive noise and light do not obtain adequate sleep to maintain proper alertness, the institute reports.
Chapter 3, "The War of Politics," gets into the specific characteristics of excellent leaders: "cold, prudent judgment, alertness to changing conditions, bravery under fire, courage when challenged, solidarity with your comrades-at-arms and total commitment to mission.
We are slightly more oriented towards providing scientifically based information to reduce fatigue and improve alertness, which I think will be a bonus for subscribers, and the increased frequency will only be a plus.
Protein produces alertness by increasing the brain's level of catecholamines.
This action may lead to improved memory, reasoning, and alertness.
Daughter states mother has lost mental alertness and is more sedated