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Synonyms for alertness

Synonyms for alertness

the condition of being alert

Synonyms for alertness

the process of paying close and continuous attention

a state of readiness to respond


Related Words

lively attentiveness

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As a nightshift worker, finding ways to manage your alertness when your body is naturally primed for sleep can be really challenging," said Charlotte Gupta, lead researcher of the study.
(Our peace and order is under control but we need to continue our vigilance and alertness.)
Sambo disclosed that part of the criteria of the competition includes the participants' neatness, accuracy, word of command and its timing, alertness of salutation and aliment of the contingent.
Solidifying western border through fencing, construction of forts and posts and increase in strength of troops; Says continue to maintain required state of alertness on Eastern Border
In Monday's filing, CurAegis said it will increase its efforts on the CURA technology, its proprietary technology that measures alertness and trains individuals on how to improve alertness levels.
The operation was conducted with meticulous planning, constant surveillance and mutual cooperation which shows the Pakistan Navy's alertness to protect the water frontiers of the country.
"It is critical that all citizens must step up their levels of alertness regarding their surroundings and provide information immediately to the Police in case anything out of the ordinary is observed," Boinnet said.
Although drug tests have a place and purpose in the safety-sensitive workplace, the following points illustrate why drug testing may be more effective (and less expensive] when supplemented by an easy-to-use daily alertness testing program like AlertMeter from Predictive Safety.
The commander lauded officers and soldiers for their vigilance, alertness and high morale, the ISPR statement added.
Using a molecular method likely to become widely adopted by the field, researchers supported by the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Md., have discovered brain circuitry essential for alertness or vigilance--and for brain states more generally.
Alertness, decision making, coordination and mood are all at their lowest point between 3 and 5 am.
Tribune News Network Doha The alertness of two customs inspectors has led to the seizure of 22.7 kilograms (kg) of cannabis and 5 kg of marijuana at the Hamad International Airport (HIA).
Caffeine alleviates fatigue, increases alertness and improves concentration.