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an obsolete kind of container used for distillation

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This acquisition expands our basket of product offerings to our customers, shows our commitment to be a long-term player in the US generic industry, and will help us have powerful R&D footprint in the US," Alembic managing director Pranav Amin commented.
Through the partnership, institutional investors will access the trading capabilities, new issue calendar, equity research and corporate access events of both Academy and Alembic.
The venerable brand is distilled in a large copper alembic still using pure grain spirits, soft spring water and an infusion of seven hand-selected botanicals.
Udit Amin who also bagged an individual recognition, is the youngest scion of Vadodara's first industrial family and carries forward the legacy of excellence of the 107-year-long history of Alembic Ltd.
If making 5 gallons of a fruit wine seems doable to you, then you'll need a 25-liter copper alembic pot still.
They run workshops and demonstrations throughout NZ and sell alembic stills worldwide.
Leading the auction was a Jerry Garcia-owned custom Alembic electric guitar.
Chesapeake Energy chief executive Aubrey McClendon is seeking buyers for assets from Appalachia to the Rocky Mountains to plug a cash-flow shortfall that James Sullivan, an analyst with Alembic Global Advisors, has estimated may exceed $22 billion by next year.
Despite the high costs in Europe, the company should see "positive momentum" for the rest of the year, Alembic Global Advisors analyst Hassan Ahmed said.
And Tudor Allin-Khan, chief economist at Alembic HC, said that can only be a positive sign for the economy.
As Alembic HC Securities's Jaap Meijer told The National last month: "Given Tamweel's 30 per cent market share in retail mortgages, we believe it is well placed to benefit from the improving market dynamics as it moves from a restructuring mode in the past two years to a growth phase starting this year.
CAIRO: A recovery in Egypt's passenger car market will benefit GB Auto Group, the nation's biggest listed automobile assembler, Alembic HC said and upgraded the stock to "neutral" from "underweight.
Investors are now starting to look closer at the Emaar balance sheet where potentially we could see some deterioration as deliveries wind down and overheads remain high," said Majed Azzam, an Alembic HC Securities analyst in Dubai.
We therefore strongly prefer the relative stability of Qatar and the UAE, which enjoy strong oil prices that support overall balances and with them government commitments to invest in the diversification of their economies," said Jaap Meijer, Head of the bank team at Alembic HC.
Wolfe's great coevals Joyce and Proust in their distinctive ways likewise drew upon the magical alembic where sources are blended to form new pictures.