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an obsolete kind of container used for distillation

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"I am proud to call the Hebrew Home and Alembic my partners and good friends, as they continually demonstrate the highest level of compassion and professionalism.
Alembic Global Advisors' Ahmed cautions on raising expectations from MoUs.
There, a Muslim scholar named Mohammad Bin Mousa Al Khwarizmi developed a mathematical discipline called Al Jabir, which literally means 'reunion of broken parts.' Arabic roots In the early 13th century, an Italian mathematician named Fibonacci, who studied calculation with an Arab master in Muslim North Africa, found the numerals and their decimal system much more practical than the Roman system, and soon popularised them in Europe, where the figures became known as 'Arabic numerals.' Meanwhile, the discipline of Al Jabir became 'algebra,' and Al Khwarizmi's name evolved into 'algorithm.' Today, many words in English have Arabic roots; a shortlist would include admiral, alchemy, alcove, alembic, alkali, almanac, lute, mask, muslin, nadir, sugar, syrup, tariff and zenith.
Through the partnership, institutional investors will access the trading capabilities, new issue calendar, equity research and corporate access events of both Academy and Alembic.
An alembic has been erected outside the shop to demonstrate the process of distillation, which creates an extract from the flowers.
Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Hetero Labs Ltd., Teva Pharmaceuticals and Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Category: LEVERAGE MANAGEMENT (MID-SIZE COMPANIES) WINNER: Raj Kumar Baheti, Director & President (Finance), Alembic Pharma In 2003, the management of Alembic Pharma realised that it would have to expand its product base to avoid stagnation.
outside the alembic of self just to see how acidic it is?
The copper alembic stills are designed such that the spirit's rising vapors in the neck pass through a basket-like device holding the 10 botanicals.
Juniper[degrees]--Made by the Anchor Distilling Company of San Francisco, Junipero, 98.6 proof, is a small batch spirit alembic distilled and flavored with over a dozen botanicals.
Vadodara, India, March 06, 2014 --( Alchemy, the real estate arm of Alembic Ltd., won two prestigious awards at the ABP News Real Estate Awards.
The alembic style, an ancient type of pot still, is the still of choice for all distillers where taste matters.
A copper alembic column still is used for steam distillation.
Leading the auction was a Jerry Garcia-owned custom Alembic electric guitar.