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a tavern where ale is sold

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This incident only suggested to the widow's mind, when they halted at an alehouse some miles further on, and heard the justice's character as given by his friends, that perhaps something more than capacity of stomach and tastes for the kennel and the stable, were required to form either a perfect country gentleman, a thoroughbred Englishman, or a genuine John Bull; and that possibly the terms were sometimes misappropriated, not to say disgraced.
All these proceedings naturally made the child more watchful and suspicious, and she soon observed that whenever they halted to perform outside a village alehouse or other place, Mr Codlin while he went through his share of the entertainments kept his eye steadily upon her and the old man, or with a show of great friendship and consideration invited the latter to lean upon his arm, and so held him tight until the representation was over and they again went forward.
Those available houses were generally divided into Inns, Taverns and Alehouses, but the term public house didn't come into use until the late 17th century.
Pyramid has always had a variety of styles in their packaged beer portfolio, and with over ten different styles on tap in their Alehouses, it seemed perfect.
Sacramento and Portland contributed to the operating losses primarily as a result of an asset impairment charge of $280,000 relating to the Sacramento alehouse due to continued weaker than expected results, offset by operating income in the Seattle, Walnut Creek and Berkeley alehouses.
A RECORD number of local pubs are celebrating inclusion in the definitive guide to the country's best alehouses.
The Seattle, Walnut Creek, and Berkeley alehouses contributed to the operating income, offset by operating losses in the Sacramento and Portland alehouses.
4 million, essentially flat to the prior year with the beneficial impact of the favorable mix to beer being offset by increased labor costs in the Alehouses, including start up costs related to Walnut Creek.
and is being served at Pyramid Alehouses in Berkeley, CA; Portland, OR; Sacramento, CA; Seattle, WA; and Walnut Creek, CA.
The Alehouses represent an important tool in creating brand awareness and generating sampling of our products, as well as serving as a focal point for local sales and marketing efforts.
On Monday, September 24th, in both Seattle, WA & Berkeley, CA, the Pyramid alehouses donated 5% of the total sales for the day to the New York Fire Fighters.
The Seattle and Berkeley alehouses contributed to the operating income, offset by operating losses in the Walnut Creek, Portland and Sacramento alehouses.
The Alehouse Division reported a sales increase of 7% for the first quarter of 2001, with both the Seattle and Berkeley Alehouses reporting increased sales.
Take a swing at this 'Perfect Pitch' now through September at Pyramid Alehouses in Seattle, WA; Portland, OR; and Sacramento, Walnut Creek and Berkeley, CA, as well as on tap at many of the top baseball stadiums on the West Coast and at hundreds of other grocery, bar, and restaurant locations.
The alehouse division reported a sales increase of 7% for 2000, with both the Seattle and Berkeley alehouses reporting increased sales.