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a tavern where ale is sold

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Alehouses were less grand affairs and it wasn't until the 1640s that licences were required to establish one.
A 'Tear' In My Beer AS PUBS in the Dingle Begin to disappear Soon there'll be none Our greatest fear No more to play darts Doms or crib It's hard to recall If we ever did Tomorrow, tomorrow Perhaps it's today When "alehouses" as such Have faded away Outside the Knob-Hill And Jessies is worse No sign of a dray Just a black hearse Unlike Mill St Eastern or S.A.M.S.
Lewis is behind several restaurants in Anchorage, including Peanut Farm Bar and Grill, Sourdough Mining Company, McGinley's Irish Pub, and two Firetap Alehouses, one near O'Malley Road and one at Tikahtnu Commons in northeast Anchorage.
She follows this with a consideration of the gendered aspects of public life in the city, arguing that historians should not assume the urban landscape to have been neatly divided into masculine and feminine spaces, an observation she supports with detailed considerations of markets and alehouses, two types of space that scholars have asserted to have been overwhelmingly masculine.
Those available houses were generally divided into Inns, Taverns and Alehouses, but the term public house didn't come into use until the late 17th century.
(11.) Patricia Fumerton, 'Not Home: Alehouses. Ballads, and the Vagrant Husband in Early Modern England', Journal ril..1/cdieva/ and Early Modern Studies.
Through old newspapers available to search online at family history website Genes Reunited, the extent of the indignation at the sight of women filling the alehouses across the country has been discovered.
A POPULAR pub chain is looking to open a branch of its budget alehouses in a Northumberland town.
The purchase includes three breweries and five Alehouses and a retail store affiliated with one of the breweries.
Word has obviously got out that the Vernon is back in business and long may this - and Liverpool's other traditional alehouses - prosper.
Well, I can see quite a few "traditional" alehouses going to the wall, due to lack of staff and customers, unless breweries start taking out a weekly contract with Rentokil.
At the annual meeting of the licensing sessions at Droitwich, the report read by Superintendent Beal showed that the population of the town was 4,021 and that there were 42 houses for the sale if intoxicants, 19 alehouses, 11 beer houses and four off licences.
When he accepted the post he promised that he would live a `sober life' a and not be `addicted to excessive drinking nor a frequenter of alehouses'.
More light-hearted influences are also revealed: these early 16th-century drinking vessels are a reminder of the Medieval taste for beer: 700 years ago there were around 1300 alehouses in the capital--one to every 50 people.
However other historical records show its association came in 1825 when the 'Licensing Alehouses Recognizances Acts' required all inns and alehouses to carry names.