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a tavern where ale is sold

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In this English Heritage history of the public house, we learn that even the Anglo-Saxons had alehouse regulations.
Pyramid Alehouse division sales decreased 4.6%, or $184,000, from the prior year quarter to $3,804,000.
Walton, born in 1593 in Stafford, was the son of an alehouse keeper and moved to London in 1621 as an ironmonger and linen draper.
Similarly, Martha Widmayer investigates the historical and dramatic role of Mistress Overdone's alehouse in Measure for Measure.
This alehouse will offer up to 45 different beers over its four-day festival, which also starts on Thursday.
Sheddie Chris Bowen has also shared his shed on The HammerSmith Brewery and Alehouse in Pennsylvania has a fully functioning micro brewery which turns out 10 gallon batches of real ale from grain to glass.
Now this other historic alehouse, which was here before the 18th century arrival of the canal and whose visiting suppers have included luvvie legends Noel Coward and Errol Flynn, has real ale (Deuchers and Speckled Hen) and top quality cuisine.
Det Insp Gordon McConnell appealed for witnesses to the fight and and two earlier incidents at O'Leary's Traditional Alehouse in Rutherglen.
They were a weak one brewed by Alehouse brewery (of St Albans) and the other a stronger premium ale Half Life brewed by Atomic brewery of Rugby.
The Golden Cross is one of Harborne's most historic pubs, there having been an alehouse on the site since the early 1850s.
InnSpired was formed in 1999 through the merger of two pub estates, Ushers of Trowbridge and Alehouse. It recently made more acquisitions, including a string of sites from brewer Scottish & Newcastle.
From 998AD, the Broadbents brewed their own beer and had an alehouse to serve drinkers passing on a nearby Roman road.
Alehouse division sales increased 21.9%, or $637,000, over the prior year quarter to $3,537,000 million, driven by $669,000 in sales at the new Sacramento Alehouse, which opened in July of 2003.
It remains to be seen whether Mr Breare - best known as the man who oversaw the merger of Ushers of Trowbridge and Alehouse to create the InnSpired Group of around 800 pubs - will up his offer to the 550p a share level anticipated by some City analysts.