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For the parameters which are associated with an aleatory uncertainty, the uncertainty is represented as [mu] [+ or -] 3[delta], where [mu] denotes the mean value and [delta] denotes the standard deviation of the presented distribution.
Aleatory means that the insurer's promise to pay the policy proceeds is conditioned upon an uncertain event (i.e., the insured's death within the term of the contract).
Self-insurance is a form of internal insurance which, regardless of the accounting approach adopted, involves the provisioning or allocation of capital to a risk fund which may be used in order to cover the negative relationships between the various distribution functions consequences of aleatory events.
A section on 'Risking Letting Go' shows artists letting aleatory operations take control.
In the context of modelling and simulation, there is a two-step process of model-selection uncertainty (epistemic uncertainty) followed by statistical variability in prediction, which is addressed by estimates of error propagation and other numerical approaches (aleatory uncertainty).
He proposes aleatory urbanism as a research method to understand how realist and embodied experiences of the city collide.
His current research on Foucault and metatheory extends his previously published works "Foucault's Struggle for Justice: Bourgeois versus Popular Conceptions" in Thinking About Justice (Fernwood Books) and "From Foucault's Genealogy to Aleatory Materialism: Realism, Nominalism, and Politics" in Critical Realism and the Social Sciences: Heterodox Elaborations (University of Toronto Press).
We examine this infrastructural scaling through an empirical analysis of UK resilience policy and practice, as recounted by those working across multiple organizations involved in planning for, and coping with, aleatory events.
While the essays in this volume all participate in some way in this field of reception studies, they take a variety of perspectives on its development: from celebrating the aleatory hermeneutic possibilities opened up by the downplaying of the "original" meaning of a source text to notes of caution about the dangers a too-rigid insistence on reception history as the only history might leave us prey to.
The quest to control and make purposive everything that is put into the frame, to eliminate as much as possible the aleatory and unplanned, renders children and animals potential rogue elements in an economically rationalist operation.
In a manner that works against despising all that is impersonal, aleatory, mechanical about time ("Time's mindless rote"), it is through chance openings that these occluded publication projects were revisited even as The Prelude, via the leaks of Coleridge, De Quincey, and others--but also because of its very conception as a performative, intersubjective bridge--"remained unknown and yet not a secret" (31).
The Feminine Symptom: Aleatory Matter in the Aristotelian Cosmos.
The Civil Code of 1864 devoted three articles to the contract of gaming and betting in the Title 13 About aleatory contracts, Chapter I About aleatory contracts in general, according to which: "The law gives no action to pay a debt in the game or wager" (Article 1636); "The games that contribute to physical exercises are exempted, as follows: weapons, races on foot, horseback or by cart and the bike.