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Because an inherent quality of aleatoric music is that no
Chapters discuss chromaticism within and beyond tonality in Germany and Austria; Neoclassicism; early interests in color, noise, and new sonorities; extensions of the 12-tone system in and outside Vienna; the continuation and development of trends established before World War I and new trends between the wars; atonal and 12-tone techniques after World War II; musique concrete, electronic, and aleatoric movements; and composers in Europe, the US, Latin America, and Eastern Asia since the mid-1940s.
In other words, how can we make the postmodern Babylonian, whose identity is the effect of aleatoric lottery drawings, compatible with the dynamic, liberal individual evoked in "Nuestro pobre individualismo"?
Some composers write aleatoric or chance music in which some
He stands for the aleatoric miracle of happening to be born with a shiny nose, which later leads to Rudolph lighting Santa's way through fog and darkness so that the world can have its Christian celebration.
In my research for my book on the philosophies of firing, which examined the rationales utilised by potters and clay artists in their methodologies of firing, I had felt that I had confirmed the hypothesis, suggested by Hirsch: there are just some clay artists who would never see a benefit to their work of aleatoric, random firing qualities and, indeed, by looking at different ceramics one can see that there are different sensibilities at play and that the split between spontaneity and control was deeply embedded in most ceramic psyches.
The composer's use of aleatoric techniques (such as in Rubaiyat, 1969) and creative use of silence (in Stimmen .
Stearns's "DCP 0091" and "DCP 0103" utilize an aleatoric approach to create a visually similar effect.
Noon disassembles and reconfigures the text using aleatoric modes as a means of revealing hidden truths of/ in language, just as his predecessors did; however, while Burroughs and Acker are interested in linguistic iconoclasm, Noon's project figures differently.
Such developments have caused poets to theorize an innovative aesthetics of "conceptual literature" that has begun to question, if not to abandon, the lyrical mandate of originality in order to explore the potentials of the "uncreative" be it automatic, mannerist, aleatoric, or readymade, in its literary practice.
Burroughs provides a crucial pivot in Clune's lineage, his aleatoric compositions, or "cut ups," developing the form for fictionalizing markets that Gaddis, Acker, and.
Meier uses an eleven-note tone row, a Lydian motive, and aleatoric elements to create violent outbursts contrasted with moments of tranquility.
Yet with hindsight this man preempted the Aleatoric music games of the following century if not that form of composition itself.
Campursari, a Javanese musical genre that combines gamelan with Western instruments, is described briefly as a passing trend, but aleatoric gamelan music created at Institut Seni Indonesia goes unmentioned.
Multi-channel distribution of sound responds sometimes to serial procedures, but the use of aleatoric control signals and the generation of material by parallel aleatoric procedures that have similar tendencies in multi-channel is as well proposed as a way of incorporating the sound routing in the compositional procedure from the very essence.