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Unlike the sciences whose language is forced to make "judgements" by taking sides with either "heads" or "tails" so as to avoid unsettling aporias, fiction like life suspends judgements between obverse and reverse accounts, cleaving open the uncertainties of aleatoric human existence that scientific rationalism tends to efface.
In Come Holy Ghost, the chaste tones of their opening stanzas opened out to a blazing intensity in the extraordinary, aleatoric build-up with which Harvey prepares his quiet final pay-off.
The political opportunities which local leaders try to seize upon are of several types, the whole "art of politics" (a highly aleatoric activity) being to combine these resources in furtherance of such a plan:
Entropy, like information, only seems aleatoric and disordered; possessing a measure of uncertainty" (Shannon), entropy holds fecund potential for order.
Contemporary science, for example, has moved beyond positivistic models with their Laplacean ideal of mechanistic science, replacing them with paradigms emphasizing the aleatoric and random elements of knowing.
10) He included in that letter a section from a nonfictional work in progress, "Art by Accident," which analyzes the methods and effects of aleatoric art; in that study he quotes at length the techniques of Baudelaire and Schwitters:
This depended on having people behave in unlikely - therefore "abstract" - fashion, with the fragmentation of movement and dance phrases in gobbets and clusters rather than lines, together with Cunningham - John Cage aleatoric tricks, depending on chance and happenstance.
Prior laureates from this field have included the renowned composer and organist Olivier Messiaen; chance-music pioneer John Cage; aleatoric composer Witold Lutoslawski; avant garde music theorist and composer Iannis Xenakis; modernist composer Gyorgi Ligeti; and European early music conductor and cellist Nikolaus Harnoncourt.
Then there was the entire domain of aleatoric music; all of us, Kabelac's pupils, really wanted to take our bearings in work with controlled chance.
Collected works made since 1987 were found in the larger exhibition space, including Flynt's critical response to Conceptual art, Challenge to Conceptual Artists--Seven Plaques, 1992, as well as paintings in acrylic or oil from the late 1980s and early '90s, including the Aleatoric Painting No.
Its bell-like tonality provides an attractive introduction to aleatoric music.
While certainly encompassing both the total serial and aleatoric extremes that characterize the Darmstadt School's music in general, Boulez's output presents perhaps greater challenges to scholars and musicians seeking to analyze it--and to identify stylistic and procedural consistencies in it--than that of some of his peers, due to a high volume of extensively revised and unfinished works.
Vigorous, dance-like writing leads to the single movement's wildly aleatoric (freely improvised) climax.
For Alan Burns, then, the aleatoric is not a purely mechanical randomness.
Developed with award-winning composer Jason Graves, in association with Rod Abernethy and under the direction of EA Redwood Shores studio; Jason's chilling score for Dead Space enhances the horror and tension of the game through extreme aleatoric and extended 20th Century orchestral music techniques.